The 30 Strangest Kit Kat Flavors From Japan


If you are one of those people who are crazy for Kit Kat bars, then you should definitely go to Japan and discover just how crazy you can get with Kit Kat flavors. Apparently the “Land of the Rising Sun” is obsessed with the Nestlé-manufactured chocolate bar that they have created over 80 variants to enjoy over there. The flavors range from the usual (strawberry, peach, apple) to the unusual (green tea and cheese) to the downright weird (soy sauce and wasabi, red pepper, baked potato). Looks like these people are really serious when it comes to their Kit Kats.

Check out some of the strangest Kit Kat flavors you will ever see below.

1. Adult Sweetness

Adult Sweetness

2. Apple Vinegar

Apple Vinegar

3. Apple


4. Black Sugar

Black Sugar

5. Blood Orange

Blood Orange

6. Blueberry Cheese Cake

Blueberry Cheese Cake

7. Cantaloupe


8. Plum Soda

Plum Soda

9. Caramel Macchiato McFlurry

Caramel Macchiato McFlurry

10. Cherry Blossom Flavored Green Tea

Cherry Blossom Flavored Green Tea

11. Chestnut


12. Cinnamon Cookie

Cinnamon Cookie

13. Citrus Golden Blend

Citrus Golden Blend

14. Cola & Lemon Juice

Cola & Lemon Juice

15. Custard Pudding

Custard Pudding

16. Edamame Soybean

Edamame Soybean

17. Fruit Parfait

Fruit Parfait

18. Ginger Ale

Ginger Ale

19. Hokkaido Yubari Melon

Hokkaido Yubari Melon

20. Grape


21. Hokkaido Yubari Melon

Hokkaido Yubari Melon

22. Hot Japanese Chili Pepper

Hot Japanese Chili Pepper

23. Jasmine Tea

Jasmine Tea

24. Mango


25. Matcha-Green Tea

Matcha-Green Tea

26. Milk (yup just milk)

Milk (yup just milk)

27. Mixed Asian Citrus

Mixed Asian Citrus

28. Muscat of Alexandria Grapes

Muscat of Alexandria Grapes

29. Pear


30. Pineapple