30 Terrible Moments In Which It’s Best To Pray For A Happy Ending


Let’s face it – we’ve all had to face some really awful situations where we have to pray that everything will end well, and not in total disaster. Most of the time, we manage to escape these terrible traps of destiny, and what could’ve been a bad experience suddenly turns into a hilarious moment that we’ll laugh about in the future. Here is a special selection of 30 terrible moments in which it’s best to pray about the outcome, because otherwise… things may get nasty.

#1 Your Worst Nightmare


#2 Time To Run!

People jump with a bull into the sea during the traditional running of bulls at Denia's harbour, near Alicante on July 8, 2013.       AFP PHOTO/ JOSE JORDAN        (Photo credit should read JOSE JORDAN/AFP/Getty Images)