30 Tip Jars That Are Too Funny To Resist


As we all know, a lot of businesses underpay their employees as much as they overcharge their customers. So, to make up for these inhumanly low wages, clever employees sometimes use funny tip jars to squeeze out those extra change out of people. This funny yet brilliant stratagem not only provide the employees a creative outlet, it also brings a smile to customers’ faces. It’s a win-win situation, really. Anyway, for your enjoyment, here are 30 tip jars that are too funny to resist.

1. Looks like Edward has a dollar.

aha There's a Dollar in Edward

2. This one gets an A for effort.

And the one that gets an A for effort

3. The Complaint Jar.

Complaint Jar

4. Don’t make Jesus sad, guys.

Don't make Jesus sad

5. Don’t mess with Texas.

Don't mess with Texas

6. Feeling tipsy.

Feeling Tipsy

7. The hardest question in the world.

I'd Go Walken

8. A horse-sized duck is pretty scary.

I'd Just Want to See That Duck

9. Make those dolphins happy, man.

Imagine Dolphin Noises Right Now. You're Welcome

10. True.

Name That Town

11. NASA Needs a Lot of Help Guys.

NASA Needs a Lot of Help Guys

12. This jar that’s trying to have a good time.

This jar that’s trying to have a good time

13. This perfect execution.

This perfect execution

14. This pizzeria pun.

This pizzeria pun

15. This Queen appreciation.

This Queen appreciation

16. This realization.

This realization

17. This reminder.

This reminder

18. This suggestion.

This wink-y suggestion

19. Tough choice.

Tough Choice

20. Who’s cuter?

What If Paul Rudd Shapeshifted into A Baby Seal

21. Don’t let Nemo die.

Nemo Nooooooo


22. NO FEAR.


23. Looks like Bob Ross wins.

Ross Has Always Been Pretty Ghetto

24. So should we tip them?

So It's Saying NOT to Tip Them

25. Thank you, Orlando Bloom.

Thank You Orlando Bloom

26. Root of all evil.

The One You See Everywhere. EVERYWHERE.

27. This barely SFW joke.

This barely SFW joke

28. This deep cut.

This deep cut

29. This fantasy fulfillment.

This fantasy fulfillment

30. Yes please.

Yes please