30 of The Most Unfortunate Photos to Ever Surface On The internet


Have you ever had an unintentionally hilarious photo of yourself that was so badly taken that you’d do anything in your power to prevent it from leaking on the internet in fear of being relentlessly teased and ridiculed about it for the rest of your life? Well, that’s what did not happen with these unfortunate folks who’ve had some unfortunate photos of themselves surfacing all over the internet.

These following photos show us how the camera can be our worst enemy. Check out these unfortunate photos that should never have made it to the photo album, much less the internet.

1. This baby’s giant hands.

Baby with giant arm

2. Pretty floating head.

floating head

3. This girl is going to give Angelina Jolie a run for her money.

giant lips

4. Giant?


5. Sadly, I would still date her.

Hairy arm. Forgot to shave

6. Wow, that baby has really grown this summer.

half man half baby

7. He squats, bro.

He squats

8. Hopefully, this isn’t what it looks like.

hopefully, this isn't what it looks like

9. This is how you do the Llama face.

Hslg msn hslf snimsl

10. This girl looks like she’s carrying this guy.

Is she carrying this guy

11. Long-legged baby

Long legged baby

12. Her dad must have been a Giraffe.

Long neck

13. Look again, you dirty-minded pervert.

Look again you dirty mind

14. It’s just his toe, guys.

Looks like somebody's having too much fun during the football game

15. Looks like somebody found a mythical creature at the park.

Mythical creature at the park

16. Nice rack, bro.

nice boobs brah

17. The real-life Benjamin Button.

old looking baby

18. Yeah, she lifts.

she lifts

19. Who’s carrying who?

She's strong

20. Really, doc?

Thanks a lot, doc

21. “Does this dress make me look fat?” “No, it makes you look like a ghost.”

That moment wheeyou look like a ghost

22. Three-legged man?

this guy doesn't actually have three legs

23. This guy is not really wearing a thong and doing a split, unfortunately.

This guy is not really wearing a thong and doing a split, unfortunately

24. “You look stunning in your water dress, bro.”

This guy's stunning dress

25. Tiny bridesmaids.

Tiny bridesmaids

26. This dude looks like he has a tiny head.

Tiny headed dude

27. 10/10 would still date this two-headed girl.

Two headed girl

28. You okay, bro?

Where's his head

29. Yanni’s underboob.

Yanni's under boobs

30. Your dirty brain is fooling you again.

Your dirty brain is fooling you