30 Unintentionally Hilarious Glamor Shots


I think it’s safe to say that every one of us have at least one bad photo or two of ourselves. It could be that the photo was taken in a bad lighting or maybe you were just photographed at a bad angle, we all know how it feels to agonize over an unglamorous shot of ourselves.

The people below have the opposite problem. They think that these glamor shots of them are pure perfection that must be shared with everyone in the world. Granted, maybe all those ridiculous props and cringe-worthy poses are the photographer’s idea. But how can any guy think that posing in just their spandex underwear and flamboyant jacket while holding a Frisbee would look cool? For your enjoyment, here are 30 unintentionally hilarious glamor shots.

1. Enjoy the view, ladies.

cool dude

2. The most 80s family you will ever see.


3. “I was wild in the 80s, you know.”


4. The stone age called, they want their caveman back.


5. Looks like the sloth had a better hair dresser than the owners.

bad hair day

6. Cool like daddy.

daddy's boys

7. “I blow my own mind with how fab I am.”


8. “You know what would look cool? Me wearing my cool jacket and spandex underwear while I’m holding my frisbee.”

frisbee underwear

9. Frishse Pitter, a German pimp from the 70′s.

Frishse Pitter, a German pimp from the 70′s

10. Sexy Chad.

go chad

11. “God, I’m so sexy right now.”

god i'm so sexy right now

12. She looks more confused than glamorous.

good night

13. “Hey bro let’s strip down to our underwear, get oiled up, and have our picture taken.”

Hey bro let's strip down to our underwear and have out picture taken

14. He’s got that stalker look going.

lady killer

15. A total bad ass.

mister bad ass

16. Will Ferrell and Carrot Top’s love child.

carrot top

17. He is still growing his eyebrows.

sorry i forgot my eyebrows


18. Triple Trouble.

no filter

19. High Energy.


20. She is the protector of her own virginity.

protect her virginity


21. The last photo of Bobby taken before he died of a snake bite.


22. Cruella de Vil‘s asian cousin.

nice hair


23. So suave.

suave number 2

24. “Hey, baby.”


25. It was one of those awkward years.

the virgin

26. Feast your eyes, ladies.

twin glamor

27. The cat’s look just screams, “kill me now”.

twins poor cat

28. I’m just as confused as you.


29. You will never be as cool as Lenny.

you will never be as cool as lenny

30. Crazy dad.