30 Unique Ways Japan Stays Awesome


Each country has their own culture, especially when it comes to weird and awesome things that few other countries have. In the world of weirdly amazing culture, Japan comes out on top. Check out these 30 unique ways that Japan stays awesome.

1. Trains

Japan is full of gorgeous, amazing trains because the majority of Japanese citizens take the train to and from work and school on a daily basis. In Japan, cars are rarely driven during the week. Instead, they’re driven on the weekend as a hobby rather than out of necessity.

2. Kimono & Yukata

Kimono-like clothing has been worn in Japan for over a thousand years, but Kimonos are still very expensive. The modern kimono is worn women, children, and men on special occasions, or in certain professions. Yukata are casual, cheaper summer versions of the kimono that are made of cotton.
Kimono & Yukata

3. Anime & Manga

Although Japanese anime and manga has spread and has gained popularity all over the world, anime and manga in Japan is world of literature all its own. Around the rest of the world, manga and anime cover a select area of subjects, but in Japan, anime and manga can cover any subject one could possibly think of, from golf to the possible robot wars of the future.
Anime & Manga