30 Weirdest Statues and Sculptures Ever Made


Usually, we build statues and sculptures to honor historically important men and women who did great things. These memorial structures could be a depiction of them in a formal fashion, or it could be a sculpture that represents their significant contribution to the world. These statues are usually put on display in public parks or museums to commemorate for future generations the greatness of these men and women.

And then there are these statues and sculptures. We know that they are a reflection of the artists’ imagination, but sometimes it’s very hard to understand what point the artist is trying to make with a sculpture like a giant thumb protruding out of the ground or a giant fork. To illustrate my point, I present to you the weirdest statues and sculptures ever made from around the world.

1.  Man at Work, Bratislava, Slovakia


2. Walking to the Sky, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania


3. The Awakening, Washington D.C., USA