30 WTF GIFs To Prove That Russia Is The Craziest Place On Earth


Russia, Russia, Russia. If this bizarre country was a person, it would be that weird & creepy uncle that we all seem to have. On the internet, Russia always seems to be the place that the weird videos come from, whether it’s meteors falling from the sky, drunk people behaving very oddly, and many others. If you’re still doubting whether or not Russia is actually as weird as people say it is, here’s a fun fact for ya: People often throw themselves in front of moving vehicles to get insurance indemnities, and because it’s such a common occurrence, most drivers install cameras at the front of their cars in case they ever need to prove they weren’t in the wrong. If this hasn’t convinced you, we created a selection of 30 GIFs to prove to you that Russia is a little bizarre, to say the very least. наслаждаться!


#1 Raising kids in Russia


 #2 Playgrounds in Russia