32 Elementary School Memories


If you were a kid back in the 90’s, there are tons of things you probably remember about school. You’ll remember those annoying erasers that were supposed to remove ink, but never did. You’ll remember scented markers and cap erasers, and probably lunch days with ice cream cups for dessert. Even though school was a pain back then, now you find yourself missing it. Here are 32 elementary school memories that will take you on a trip down the path of nostalgia.


1. Giving yourself a lead injection with your pencil.



2. The most annoying math problems you had to complete in 2 minutes.



3. The best dessert you ever had with lunch in the cafeteria.

Ice Cream Cup


4. Those glorious scented markers!

Mr Sketch


5. The struggle to get your favorite colored cap eraser.

Cap Erasers


6. Making the boxy-shaped S as your signature on papers.



7. Those stupid erasers with the blue end that DID NOT erase ink.



8. Trying to press all the colors in your pen down at one time.



9. Seeing the TV cart being wheeled into the classroom put you at ease.

Bill Nye


10. All the wasps that hung out on the playground waiting to sting.



11. The classic rectangle pizza that was always served for lunch.

pizza lunch

12. The joys of playing the recorder on music day.



13. Scooting all over the world on your butt scooter.

Butt scoot


14. The whole class talking and the classic “I’ll wait” from your teacher.



15. The assigned calculators that never really helped much.



16. The best day of the school year AKA The Book Fair.

Book Fair


17. Playing with the giant parachute in gym class.



18. Having wars with attachable markers.



19. Those delicious Cosmic Brownies you could buy after you ate lunch.



20. Getting computer time and playing with the paint program.

Kid Pix


21. Intergalactic battles to learn math.

Alien Math


22. The colorful Macs you wished you had at home.

le Mac


23. More sword fights with your partner using building blocks.



24. SpaceMaker pencil boxes that held your prized possessions.

Space Maker


25. Disrupting the classroom with the squeaky pencil sharpener.

pencil sharpener

26. Crayola stamper Markers.



27. Brain Quest cards you used to play Around the World.

Brain Quest


28. Losing the tip of your pencil and throwing it away.



29. Using blocks to learn math.



30. Writing notes to pass and folding them into triangles.



31. Creating mosaic masterpieces during computer time.



32. Heads down, thumbs up time!