35 Ridiculous Things People Found On Their Receipt!


For all those savvy shoppers out there: check your receipt! You might have just missed something other than a few grocery items! Anyone who’s used to or savvy when in comes to shopping, checking their receipt comes second nature to them. But, you might just be in a surprise when you get one of these weird and outright ridiculous things people found on their receipt! Whether you’re the one who bought it, a seller, or just the server, you might just shake your head before chuckling yourself down the aisle.

Want proof of such ridiculous claims? Here’s our paper trail of it- literally!

1. We bet he had an epic meal with that epic combo. *wapow!*



2. Kittens, kittens…gotta save them!



3. Whats worse than finding an insect in your food? Finding a half-bitten one.