4-Year-Old Fashionista Makes Replicas Of Red Carpet Gowns


It all started when a bored 4-year-old girl decided that her store-bought dress-up costumes just weren’t cutting it anymore and she wanted something different.  Her mom, Angie, suggested that they make a dress out of paper and her little girl, nicknamed Mayhem, was all for it.  They started out pretty simple but soon became more and more complex.  Mayhem has an eye for fashion, that’s for sure.  Check out some of her most-creative gowns. Here, a 4-year-old fashionista makes replicas of red carpet gowns.

1. Lupita Nyong’o’s red carpet wow

Mayhem loved the bright red color of this dress and also the pretty train that falls off the shoulder.


2. Project Runway gown

Mayhem loves to look at pictures of gowns from “Project Runway,” and awards shows and tries to copy the runway look as closely as possible.


3. Creativity at it’s finest

Instead of spending hours watching tv or playing on an iPad, Mayhem creates these dresses with her mom, almost every day.


4. Mayhem does the construction

Mayhem can’t put everything together, but she helps her mom cut and tape paper together to make the dresses.


5. A learning experience

Maybe learns all about shapes and colors as she works with paper and even how to create intricate and delicate designs.


6. A wonderful pastime

She takes gorgeous runway looks and turns them into something special.


7. She’s both bold and brave

This little girl has tried more different styles than we could imagine…and she loves every single one…


8. Loves to recreate

This girl loves recreating red carpet looks from some of her favorite stars, like the graceful Lupita Nyong’o.


9. She’s dressed to impress

So far, all of Mayhem’s looks have been limited to items found around the house, tulle, lace, wrapper paper, tissue paper etc.


10. Who wore it better?

Mayhem is even stylish enough to make gowns that look like her favorite stars— and she does her best to pose like them too.


11. Creative fire

Sometimes Mayhem’s creations are inspired by animals at the zoo or aquarium and her favorite colors.


12. Beach day

She uses magazine pages to make a beach-worthy look.


13. Taylor’s twin

Here, she channels Taylor Swift with a light tan dress covered in red flowers.


14. Future fashion model and designer

She got excited when her mom told her about a TV show that’s all about creating dresses– “Project Runway.”


15. Barbie gets a new dress too

It isn’t just about looking pretty– sometimes Mayhem likes to be a super hero so she can save the world.


16. She’s all about color– and lots of it

She loves to recreate dresses that are bright, airy, and colorful.


17. Shark dress

She could have been one of Katy Perry’s backup dancers at the Superbowl with this awesome getup!


18. Elsa from Frozen

She even tries to make dresses from her favorite movie, tv and book characters.  We love this Frozen dress!


19. She’s ready for Disney!

We won’t be surprised if this tiny diva doesn’t have her own TV show in a few years where she’ll be teaching others how to design a dress.



20. Give it up for Mayhem– world’s tiniest fashionista!

You do your thing, girly!