4-Year-Old Fashionista Makes Replicas Of Red Carpet Gowns


It all started when a bored 4-year-old girl decided that her store-bought dress-up costumes just weren’t cutting it anymore and she wanted something different.  Her mom, Angie, suggested that they make a dress out of paper and her little girl, nicknamed Mayhem, was all for it.  They started out pretty simple but soon became more and more complex.  Mayhem has an eye for fashion, that’s for sure.  Check out some of her most-creative gowns. Here, a 4-year-old fashionista makes replicas of red carpet gowns.

1. Lupita Nyong’o’s red carpet wow

Mayhem loved the bright red color of this dress and also the pretty train that falls off the shoulder.


2. Project Runway gown

Mayhem loves to look at pictures of gowns from “Project Runway,” and awards shows and tries to copy the runway look as closely as possible.