This 81-Year-Old Man Is The Only Citizen Of This Abandoned Town


During the 1920s of the industrial boom, the growing town of Villa Epecuén flourished.


It was a town bordering Laguna Epicuén, a lake southwest of Buenos Aires, Argentina that contained ten times more salt content than the ocean.


Tourists from all over came to Villa Epecuén to soak in the salt waters of the nearby lake.


The lake water was thought to have healing properties – that is, until one of the dams broke in 1980s which caused the lake water to flood into the town.

Broken Dam

By 1993, the town was submerged in 30-ft of the salty lake water and the over 5000 inhabitants and 300 business deserted the town.


Flash forward to a decade later and a climate shift brought a drought to the area.


By 2009, the modern-day Atlantis emerged from the lake waters, turned to nothing but rubble and ruins of its former self.


Yet curiously, Pablo Novak, one of the previous inhabitants of the city, chose to return to his home in Villa Epicuén.


At the age of 81, he is now the sole inhabitant of this once-underwater wonder.

Sole Inhabitant

“I am OK here. I am just alone. I read the newspaper. And I always think of the town’s golden days back in the 1960s and 70s,” he says of his life since returning to the deserted town.


As lonely of a life as it may be, Novak still remains the sole inhabitant of Villa Epicuén, where he will hopefully live happily and peacefully for the rest of his days.