89-Year-Old Grandma Is The Most Stunning Bridesmaid Of All In Granddaughter’s Wedding


We know you probably invited your grandma to your wedding, but did you ask her to be part of your bridal party?  Like, the part that laughs, takes racy photos and hangs out all day together before the actual wedding?  Well, one bride did just that, and her 89-year-old grandma is the most stunning bridesmaid of all in granddaughter’s wedding.

1. Grandma’s part of the gang

New bride Christine Quinn was putting together her bridal party and included two of her best friends, her sister of course…and her grandma.

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2. Granny wasn’t sure

Grandma didn’t want to ruin her fun but she also didn’t want to intrude on part of the wedding usually only reserved for the younger folks

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3. Nana Betty says yes

Christine considers Elizabeth Govern (also known as Nana Betty) to be one of her best friends, despite the fact that Nana is 89 years old.

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4. A great day for all

“The decision was easy given the strength of our relationship,” said Quinn. “Who doesn’t want her best friend standing beside her on her wedding day? Not to mention all of my friends love my nana as well, so we all had a great time planning and spending time together.”

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5. Nana was still unsure

“She asked me about 10 times, ‘Are you sure?’ and ‘Why would you want an old lady in your bridal party?’” said Quinn. “A few times she even said, ‘All of your bridesmaids are young and pretty, why would you want me?’”

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6. Quinn needs her granny

She told her grandmother that she could change her mind if she decided she didn’t want to do it and she also didn’t have to wear the same dress as the other girls– but Nana wanted to fit in as best as possible.

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7. Life of the party

Granny was able to hold her own with the rest of the bridal party, sporting the same dress as the other girls and even dancing on the party bus on the way home, instead of going home to rest.


8. A seasoned veteran

Nana Betty had been married before as well– to Quinn’s grandfather for more than 50 years until he passed away.  Now, the widow enjoyed her night out on the town.


9. A bright light

Nana Betty made the rest of the bridal party laugh and kept things lighthearted.  Quinn said, “Spending the entire day with Nana by side as I married the love of my life was all I could ask of her.”


10. A tender moment

“One moment I do remember clearly and really resonated with me was when she said, ‘Are you happy?’” Quinn said, “to which I responded yes and that I am fortunate to have my entire family with me as I marry the love of my life — cliché but so true.”

“She said, ‘Good, that’s all I need to hear. Let’s get this show on the road.’”


11. Who’s in your bridal party?

Next time, you might want to think about someone special, but unconventional, who could star in your wedding.   bride2