What All 90’s Kids Ate For Lunch


If you were a child of the ’90s, chances are, your lunch time foods were probably garbage. Sweet, delicious garbage. These days, moms pack organic granola bars and sliced gala apples. But back in the 90’s, if your lunch box didn’t contain at least one or two completely processed snacks, you were probably looked down upon. The best part about ’90s snacks, was that most of them were designed to be some sort of activity for us. We were constantly “making” our own pizzas, or wearing chips on our fingers. Although we probably grew out of most of these treats (I said probably!), we can still reminisce, right? See if you can remember finding some of these technically edible gems in your lunch box.  Here’s what all 90’s kids ate for lunch:

1. Handi-Snaks

Who didn’t completely love this concoction of fake cheese and crackers in a handy-dandy little plastic pouch.

handi snaks

2. Bugles

The best chips to place on all of your fingers and run around like a witch with fingernails that are out of control.  Here’s a secret for you– we still place Bugles on our fingers when we eat them.