A Look Inside The Whimsical Photography Of Achraf Baznani


Moroccan photographer and filmmaker Achraf Baznani is completely self-taught.  He never went to a photography school or enrolled in special classes to learn photography techniques.  He claims he learned by practice and viewing hours of online tutorials.  The artist takes whimsical and thought-provoking photos on a series of objects, usually changing the normal scale and proportion of images to create something altogether dreamlike and lovely.  He has thousands of online followers who enjoy his introspective and thoughtful photographs.  Here’s a look inside the whimsical photography of Achraf Baznani. 

1. Caged

Many of Baznani’s photographs showcase himself as small and inside glass objects while learning, thinking or understanding something new.  They provide a basis for deep introspection and thought on the reality of how we are caged beings.


2. Capturing Reality

Regarding his own photography, Baznani said this; “I don’t spend very much time looking at what other people are doing. I like to stay aware and connected to what others are doing by following sites such as Flickr.. but beyond that, I spend the rest of my time meeting people, creating, and really just living life. I think the best way to being inspired is not to just try to emulate others, but to find what inspires you in life and trying to capture and share it.”

Capturing reality

3. Cleaning the lens

Here, Baznani is seen small enough to be cleaning his camera lens as if he were merely window washing.  Since the camera is what he looks through to see the world, keeping it clean is important and likewise, we must all keep our own lives and lenses clean and in good working order.

Cleaning the lens

4. Confusion

Here, Baznani sits in quiet reflection as he ponders the giant pages ahead of him.  Perhaps he is confused by the writing on the page or the size of the text, or even the language it’s in.


5. Face of battle

Here, a small figure sits next to an array of bullets, like something out of a dreamlike battle scene.  Baznani said this regarding his photography process; “For my works, there are a variety of ways a concept falls into place, most often it starts with a spark of inspiration and grows from there, whether it is a person, design, story that needs to be told, regardless, it all starts with a single point. From there it becomes simple problem solving.”

Face of battle

6. Hand of fate

Here we see a desolate place with a large hand rising up behind a tiny sitting figure.  Baznani uses elements of Photoshop CS4 and Lightroom 4.  He enjoys fixing the coloring of photos and spending time doing Photoshop retouching.  He is not a professionally trained photographer, but a man who learned by watching internet tutorials.

Hand of fate

7. Human being

Here, a tiny Baznani is studied by a larger one.  What a wonderful feat it would be if humans could study tiny versions of themselves.  We would all learn so much. His art offers a Surrealistic look at life in this modern and digital age.

Human being

8. Into the abyss

Here, a many walking a tight rope is tested by the fates as one end of the rope is being lit on fire and the other is about to be cut.  This could represent many things for man– his daily treacherous walk on earth or how his travail here could be stopped or ended at any moment.

Into the abyss

9. Into the nest

Most bird nests have a tiny bird or egg inside, but this one houses a man with arms wrapped around himself for protection.

Into the nest-2

10. My small world

Again, a tiny figure of Baznani is seen reading a book while locked inside a small lightbulb, perhaps speaking to our small way of looking at life when we are held back.

My small world