Aberrant Art: The Crazy Collages Of Barry Kite


Today we are going to show you the crazy collages of insanely talented artist Barry Kite, who butchers famous classical paintings to create postmodern parodies geared for the sophisticated men and women who like something a little different from the norm.

Barry Kite does not however call himself an artist. Instead, he claims to be a “recontextualist and art thief”. Combining his artistic eye with his unrelenting sense of humor, Kite constructs collages that create various absurd rendezvous between historical art icons and internet memes.

Here’s what Kite has to say about his amazingly weird artwork: “My works are narratives. The challenge is to tell a story without words: using images, colors, composition. Only the words in the title are permitted to assist, or provoke, or mislead the viewer–drawing on that part of the brain dealing with abstraction.”

Check out these crazy collages by Barry Kite. Enjoy!

1.  ADHD


2. Artist Growing Impatient

Artist Growing Impatient

3. Artist Returning from the Men’s Room

Artist Returning from the Men's Room

4. Artist Unappreciated

Artist Unappreciated

5. Bathers at Galillee

Bathers at Galillee

6. Bathers Unprepared for Meteorological Anomalies

Bathers Unprepared for Meteorological Anomalies

7. Desert Dance

Desert Dance

8. Dinner Music

Dinner Music

9. Done!


10. Easy Listening

Easy Listening

11. Fight at the Folies

Fight at the Folies

12. Getting the Band Back Together…

Getting the Band Back Together...

13. Gnome Hunting

Gnome Hunting

14. Goaltending


15. Help Me!

Help Me!

16. Irony


17. Las Meninas (First Sitting)

Las Meninas (First Sitting)

18. Lost at Sea

Lost at Sea

19. Luncheon of the Projectile Vomit Party

Luncheon of the Projectile Vomit Party

20. Mariachi Tuesday

Mariachi Tuesday

21. Mony and Vince

Mony and Vince

22. No Contest

No Contest

23. No-Nonsense Skaters

No-Nonsense Skaters

24. Office Gorillas

Office Gorillas

25. Oh…Great!


26. On Tour

On Tour

27. Ordering In

Ordering In

28. Photo Op

Photo Op

29. Singing in the Rain

Singing in the Rain

30. Special Effects

Special Effects