Actors On Sex And The City Before They Were Famous


When you watch the iconic TV show Sex and the City, you tend to gloss over some of the random men in the love lives of Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda.  But a re-watching of this sexy classic tells us how far some of these actors have come!  For more an actors who took on bit roles before making it big, click here.

#1 Bradley Cooper as Jake (Season 2)

Cooper plays Jake, a guy Carrie picks up at a bar when she was down in the dumps by her less than flattering New York magazine cover.  Carrie promptly leaves him before they hook up, when she sees him holding the said magazine.

Bradley Cooper as Jake (Season 2)

#2 Mark Feuerstein as Josh (Season 2)

Miranda dated Josh, played by Feuerstein and admitted to faking orgasms with him.  Even after so many tries, she had to fake it one last time right before she ended it.  Afterwards, Feuerstein starred in his own show, Royal Pains.

Mark Feuerstein