The Amazing 3D Street Art of Nikolaj Arndt


Russian-born, Germany-based artist and professor Nikolaj Arndt turns boring looking streets into magical 3D art that come to life when viewed from a certain perspective. Are you bored to death with your plain-looking bland street? No problem! Nikolaj Arndt can turn your boring street into a pit of ice filled with cute adorable penguins frolicking around.

According to Arndt, he started drawing his amazing 3D optical illusions three years ago in the streets of Germany, where he would enter festivals to showcase his impressive artworks.

“For me, the main thing in art is to give positive emotions to the audience,” Arndt explains. “When people are smiling looking at my pictures, I’m happy.”

Although born in Russia, Arndt currently resides in Germany where he teaches at a private art school. He also does commercial work in advertising and art galleries. Check out more of his work below!

1. A window into another world.

A window into another world ---

2. All of a sudden …

all of a sudden ...

3. Panda Bears

anda Bears