This Amazing Artist With Synesthesia Can See Music


For artist Melissa McCracken, music is not just an audio experience, but a visual one. As a synesthete, McCracken can experience music not just as a series of sounds but also sees it as vibrant, beautiful colors and flowing textures. “Synesthesia, although not disorientating, can sometimes leave me at odds trying to describe what i can see to others.” the Missouri-based artist says.

According to McCracken, the exploding colors and textures she sees when listening to music exists in her mind’s eye and does not interfere with her actual vision. The colors are also muted when watching movies due to it already providing a visual simulation.

McCracken shares her unique gift with the world by painting what she sees whenever she listens to certain songs so that others can understand the wonderful world she lives in. Check out some of her technicolor artworks below!

1. Airhead — Callow

Airhead — Callow

2. Bon Iver & James Blake – Fall Creek Boys Choir

Bon Iver & James Blake - Fall Creek Boys Choir