Amazing Tattoos With Digital Pixel Effects That Are Guaranteed To Impress You


The Russian artist Lesha Lauz specializes in tattoos, and creates super colorful ones that combine animals and awesome digital pixel effects. Lauz uses all his creativity and skills to come up with the designs, which has resulted in his work becoming a huge success all over the world, all thanks to his pure originality. Here is a fantastic selection of some of his very best tattoos. Enjoy!

#1 French Bulldog

All the tattoos created by Lauz have some iconic characteristics, such as super colorful designs and unique digital pixel details. We can see this below in the amazing French Bulldog tattoo. Wow!


#2 The Magical Owl

Here’s another great example of a powerful tattoo created by Lauz – a beautiful and mystic owl with the moon in the background, complete with vibrant colors and intricate pixel details.


#3 French Bulldog No.2

Here’s yet another great work of art by this incredible Russian tattooist of a French bulldog in stunning colors and fantastic details. We’d love for him to use us as his canvas for the day!


#4 Digital Porcupine

And how about this amazing porcupine that looks like it’s fading out in pixels? This one is very creative, and different to any tattoo we’ve ever seen before.


#5 The King

This is incredible! Check out another fantastic tattoo of a friendly dog wearing a crown, complete with stunning colors and a unique pix-elated effect. This guy is clearly a total genius.


#6 The Tiger

Here’s a tattoo of a tiger and cub inked onto someone’s skin in fantastic detail, complete with this artist’s trademark fading pixel effect. We can’t help but wonder how much a masterpiece like this would cost…


#7 Mystic Seahorse

Wow! This one below is definitely one of the best. Firstly, because seahorses are usually pretty simple creatures and the artist has totally transformed this misconception, and secondly, because these colors combined look absolutely fantastic.


#8 Digital Hippos

Hippos are well known for their large size and powerful teeth, and it’s not every day that we can see them tattooed onto someone’s body. Nevertheless, here are two of them, complete with an incredible pixel effect and digital appearance.


#9 The Fox

We’ve already seen a lot of good fox tattoos, but this one below is probably the best. Yep, you guessed it – the color combination is perfect, the effect is mind-blowing, and the drawing is super intelligent. We love this guy.


#10 Mysterious House

Oh, wow. This could look like any old regular house, but nope – the talented tattoo artist has yet again totally transformed it into a masterpiece. We love the way the fire, stars and pixels are combined in the drawing. Another good job!


#11 Egret

We must confess that we have never seen a tattoo of an egret before, especially one that looks so realistic and artistic. One thing is for sure, here – this man’s talent is absolutely undeniable.


#12 Colorful Baby Tiger

Here’s another artistic tiger tattoo that is different from the one we showed you above. This stunning creature is a little younger, and the colors are much brighter. Just check out the way he’s tattooed the tree with a fantastic pixel effect. Amazing!


#13 Digital Bird

And how about this amazing bird tattoo below?! Of course, almost every tattooist in the world has tattooed birds at least once at some point in their career, but when we look at the digital pixel detail in this tattoo, it’s pretty clear who the artist is.


#14 The Fox

Here’s another great example of a creative fox tattoo. Once again, Lauz has managed to impress us all with his powerful way to combine colors and lines perfectly in each of his drawings.


#15 Dog Balloon

Here’s a very unusual tattoo that we definitely can’t see very often. Clearly, someone (for some reason) wanted a tattoo of a balloon toy shaped like a dog, and once again, Lauz designed it incredibly.


#16 Blue Fish

And how about this beautiful and creative blue fish tattoo below?! This one is incredible, and it’s just another fantastic masterpiece by Lauz to add to the endless collection of his amazing art work.


#17 The Snake

What an amazing snake tattoo! Once again, it’s full of bright and vibrant colors, special effects, and pure creativity. Lauz definitely has a very personal style that makes all of his tattoo designs very unique indeed.


#18 Enigmatic Cat

Okay, so we saved the best until last – we’re pretty sure this one is our favorite, although it is difficult to choose only one. What an incredible and creative cat! Every cat lover in the world will be begging to have this tattoo. Great job, Lauz!