Amazing Worlds Within Our World


An anonymous artist and photographer who calls himself Pyanek has managed to capture the monumental beauty of mundane objects we see and take for granted everyday. In his captivating series called “Amazing Worlds Within Our World”, Pyanek photographs things we usually never give second thoughts to like a ballpoint pen, a strand of pasta, or a matchstick. But these seemingly boring items do not look so mundane when they are taken with Pyanek’s reverse lens macro technique. Not the conventional way to use your lens but one that creates striking and interesting images. Through the artist’s lens, what was once mundane and boring is transformed into astonishing and amazing looking stuff. Enjoy this amazingly beautiful series that goes beyond what our naked eye can see. May these striking images remind you to stop and look around every once in a while and appreciate the amazing worlds within our world.

1. Apple stalk.

Apple stalk.

2. Ballpoint pen.

Ballpoint pen.