Amazing Yoga Poses


Grab Your Ankles

The only way I can touch my ankles is by sitting on the floor with my legs in front of me. I am most likely trying to put on my shoes too.


Modified Frog Pose

This pose looks like it really opens up your hip muscles if they’re tight. It kind of looks like a frog getting ready to leap up in the air.


Handstand not Kegstands

The only time we’ve been flipped upside down is doing kegstands. Even then, I doubt I looked this graceful. It also required two people to prop me up over the keg which I am pretty sure does not jive with the yoga lifestyle.


Warrior Pose

We actually know the name of this pose. We can’t take our eyes off the er beautiful scenery though.


Yoga In The Park

We totally advocate striking a yoga pose anywhere inspiration strikes. This young lady seems to be inspired by the exercise equipment at the park.


Beachside Yoga

The backdrop for this yoga session is actually really beautiful and makes us wish we were on vacation. We are also imagining how much balance this yoga pose requires. We call this handstand with dangling leg.


More Beach Yoga

We are quite the fans of this yoga pose. It reminds of a fancy, modern art sculpture. Though not as strenuous as some of the other headstand poses, the leg positioning is quite artistic.


Super Flexible

If we  attempted to do this yoga pose we would probably just fall backwards. I don’t think our back has ever rotated past 100 degrees.


Cool Pants

There are so many great things to look at here, but we are really loving her yoga pants. Quite psychadelic!


Straight Lines

We’re amazed at the incredibly straight line she is able to create with her legs. As if that isn’t enough she is only holding herself up with one hand while the other one is grabbing her ankle. Amazing!


Flashdance Meets Yoga

As we mentioned earlier, we are proponents of striking a yoga pose whenever inspiration hits. It looks like this dingy warehouse is making a really great backdrop for this yoga loving girl.


Ideal Yoga Outfit

We saw this picture and thought this outfit was perfect for doing yoga poses. Just look at how happy this girl is!