Angry Man Shot His Computer Eight Times After It Wouldn’t Work


Computer not working? It could be a virus — or it could be the eight bullets lodged inside. We must have all felt like it at times when the computer we are using runs slowly and you watch the tiny circle going round and round whilst you sit, getting more angry as you wait for the page to appear.  Would you do what this man did– shot his computer eight times after it wouldn’t work?

1. He fired eight shots

Few would go to the lengths that 37-year-old Lucas Hinch did in Colorado Springs when he became so angry and frustrated because ctrl+alt+delete would not re-boot his computer, he took the computer outside and shot it, not once, but eight times.


2. Trouble with the law

Now Mr. Hinch has found himself in trouble with the law when he was briefly detained for discharging a firearm within the city.


3. Possible punishment

A spokesman explained that Mr. Hinch had absolutely no idea that when he re-enacted a scene from the old “wild west” that he was breaking the law and he must now wait before he comes before a Judge who will decide what penalty he is to receive.crime7

4. Would you shoot your computer?

Although Hinch had been having trouble with his computer for several months, he won’t have problems any more.  He was able to get the kind of revenge that most of us only dream about.


5. And one thing’s for sure

That computer?  Well, it’s not expected to be making a full recovery…ever.


6. What led up to those lethal shots?

One too many “blue screens of death,” apparently. “It was extremely frustrating,” he said. “I reached critical mass.”


7. What does Hinch think about the shooting?

“It was glorious,” Hinch told the Los Angeles Times of the death of his 2012 Dell XPS 410. “Angels sung on high.”crime3

8. A safe way to relax?

Though he may have blown a fuse in deciding to shoot the computer, Hinch told the paper he was deliberate in the shooting itself, making sure there was nothing behind it that bullets could ricochet off.


9. Police aren’t too happy about it

Hinch was given a violation for discharging a weapon inside city limits, police said in a report titled, “Man Kills His Computer.” The police report said that Hinch “was fed up with fighting his computer for the last several months” and shot it in a back alley behind his home just before 7 p.m., “effectively disabling it.”


10. A reasonable crime?

Police public information officer Lt. Catherine Buckley said he shot the old Dell desktop machine with a Hi-Point 9 mm pistol.  “He did tell us he thought it was okay because we are an open carry state,” Buckley said. “But it is illegal in the city limits to discharge a firearm unless one is protecting life or property,” she said. The violation would most likely result in a fine.


11. Crime report

The police department posted a photo of the blasted machine on its Twitter and Facebook pages.  Colorado Springs resident Lucas Hinch was cited Monday evening after the man carried his computer into the back alley, then shot it eight times with a handgun, police said. The 37-year-old told officers he “was fed up with fighting his computer,” so he opted to vent his frustration by shooting the machine with a gun, “effectively disabling it,” the police report notes.

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