These Animals Got Manipulated On Photoshop, And It’s Totally Hilarious


Have you ever wondered what the world would be like if animals could breed with each other? For example, what if there was an animal strolling around that was half monkey, half cat? Or half whale, and half dog? Pretty surreal, but extremely funny to imagine. This train of thoughts is already very familiar to artist Sarah DeRemer, who uses her impeccable Photoshop skills to create pictures of hybrid animals, combining together photos of completely different species. She started this experiment simply to improve her skills on Photoshop, but the images themselves are proof that she went way beyond her initial goal. Sarah has so much fun creating these amazing mixtures of animals, and for us observers, it’s pretty awesome, too. Here is a selection of the 38 very best pictures of two different series. The first is called “You Are What You Eat” which is based on animals and their prey, and the second shows the craziest hybrid animals in the world. We hope you enjoy this crazy collection!

#1 “You Are What You Eat” – Polar Bear And Seal


#2 “You Are What You Eat” – Frog And Fly


#3 “You Are What You Eat” – Seal And Penguin