Annoying Things Girls Need To Stop Saying


Sometimes girls like to be dramatic and irritating.  Some of the things they say are evidence of this.  Here’s a sample of annoying things girls need to stop saying.

1. “It’s fine.”

Whatever it is, if she says this, it is definitely NOT fine.  She’s just giving in…or this is her passive-aggressive way of telling you that she’s upset.  Why can’t girls just say exactly what they’re thinking?


 2. “Whatever.”

Girls use this phrase when they’re annoyed and also when they feel indifferent towards something.  It’s frustrating because sometimes we just need them to voice their opinion but they won’t do it, opting to “whatever” us instead.


 3. “I look so fat.”

Every girl is guilty of saying this and every girl is totally searching for compliments when she says it.  She hopes to be showered with comments about how flat her stomach is, how great her arms look, how nice her legs are, etc.  Why can’t women just focus on what is good about their looks and be confident?  Yeah, we don’t know either.


 4. “Ok.”

If you get this two-letter response followed by a period in a text message– beware!  This is similar to “fine.”  She’s not ok but she’s just saying it.  Annoying, we know.


 5. “I’m not like other girls.”

So, if your new girlfriend starts out the relationship by claiming this, you should probably steer clear.  If she claims that she’s not like other girls (namely crazy ones who break your heart) she probably is.


 6. “I’m so sick of drama.”

If she’s saying this, then she’s got a whole lot of drama going on in her life.  Just know that.


 7. “Men suck.”

This is usually said by the girl who’s just been screwed over by some guy.  Well, its unfortunate that she’s lumping all men together but she still shouldn’t be so negative.


 8. “Ew, look at her.”

Yep, girls judge the crap out of other women.  Doing it in their head is one thing…but speaking it aloud is rude and unnecessary.


 9. “I hate my life.”

This girl is dramatic.  You should probably just leave her alone so she can hate her life even more.


 10. “Like,”

UGH!! The worst English word of all time.  It’s become a filler word used in colloquial speech but it generally just shows the low level of education that someone has.


 11. “We need to catch up soon.  MISS YOU!”

Lies.  This is a bunch of lies.  If it wasn’t a lie, you would actually catch up with this girl.


 12. OMG

This phrase is so annoying.  There’s no need for it.


 13. “Ugh, what a creep.”

This is said by some girls about a guy that they don’t find attractive enough to be totally flattered by his unwavering attention.


 14. “I don’t know why other girls don’t like me.”

She knows exactly why other girls don’t like her but she likes to pretend she doesn’t.  If you’re mean…people don’t usually like you.


 15. “I just want a guy that makes me laugh.”

This is said by the girl who really wants a hot guy with a great personality who is financially stable AND if he can make her laugh, that’d be great too.