Annoying Things That Happen When You’re Younger Than You Look


It’s an inevitable paradigm shift; when you’re young, you want to look older and more mature…and when you’re old, you want to look young forever!  But, looking younger than your age isn’t always such a great thing– it can be pretty obnoxious.  Here are 15 annoying things that happen when you’re younger than you look.

1. People treat you like a kid

If you hear one more person make a comment about your baby face, you’re going to scream.  Just because I look 15 doesn’t mean I’m actually that age.


2. Dating someone older can be difficult

People love to judge and there is nothing more enticing to a group of people-watchers than a young-looking woman and older guy out on a date.  Never mind that he’s actually really nice and you’re interested– you make a weird-looking pair.

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