Annoying Things That Happen When You’re Younger Than You Look


It’s an inevitable paradigm shift; when you’re young, you want to look older and more mature…and when you’re old, you want to look young forever!  But, looking younger than your age isn’t always such a great thing– it can be pretty obnoxious.  Here are 15 annoying things that happen when you’re younger than you look.

1. People treat you like a kid

If you hear one more person make a comment about your baby face, you’re going to scream.  Just because I look 15 doesn’t mean I’m actually that age.


2. Dating someone older can be difficult

People love to judge and there is nothing more enticing to a group of people-watchers than a young-looking woman and older guy out on a date.  Never mind that he’s actually really nice and you’re interested– you make a weird-looking pair.

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3. Younger guys hitting on you

You can hardly go to the mall or the local pool without having some annoying high school boys drooling all over you.  Ugh, as if.  Don’t they know how old you are?


4. When people mistake your younger siblings to be older than you

Being the oldest means you’re the one with all the power and having other people think you’re younger than your sister is never a good thing.  She’ll smirk about it all day long and you’re stuck feeling like a kid.


5. Having to wear boring adult clothes all the time

If you showed up in a teenager appropriate outfit, people might actually mistake you for being a teen.  So, you stick to neutrals, black and nothing too bold or crazy.


6. Put some heels on

Wearing heels makes you automatically look and feel older.  Sure, it’s a pain to wear high heels all the time, but the maturity and class that come along with it are priceless.


7. You have to work hard to get some respect at work

People don’t respect you for what you look like, but you can demand respect in how you work.  You might look like a kid but show them all that you can work like a woman.


8. It’s hard to book a hotel room or rent a car

People don’t trust you when you look young and that means they don’t want you to get a hotel room in their hotel or rent a car from them.  They assume you’re just going to party wildly and wreck everything.


9. You’ve always got your ID handy

You know you’ll be carded every time you try to go inside a bar or buy a drink so you just keep that ID close by.  You know you’ll always need it.


10. You hate it when people pinch your cheeks

Um, hello.  I am not 10 years old.  I didn’t like it when grandma did it when I was a kid and I still don’t like it now, almost 20 years later.  I might look young, but I am not a child.


11. Your friends try to tease you by getting you kids meals and student discounts

Screw you.  Screw all of you.


12. Your friends complain about finding wrinkles and gray hairs and then look at you like it’s all your fault

Um, I’m sorry I’m not aging as quickly as you!


13. It’s very difficult for you to buy liquor all by yourself.

Too much chaos to deal with. You’d rather ask your friends to buy it for you.


14. You’re seen as the “kid” of your group even if you’re one of the older ones.

Most of your “grown-up” mature advice go in vain because of this! Even intense looks don’t help…


15. If you’re a guy, facial hair is your only way out of looking like a school boy

Grow a beard.  Grow it long and thick and no one will think you’re a kid.  If you’re a young-looking girl, well, sorry.