Annoying Issues That Inevitably Happen When Trying To Lose Weight


The struggle is real.  It always seemed so incredibly easy to get back in shape…you just didn’t feel like doing it.  Now, you’re actually trying and you’re realizing that it’s actually REALLY REALLY hard.  Here are all the annoying things that inevitably happen when you’re trying to lose weight.

1. People bring cake to work to share the day after you start your diet

Talk about temptation.  What are they trying to do…kill me?


 2. Nobody wants to hear about your new diet

It’s a no-gluten, all paleo, clean, no carbs, no fat, all liquid diet.  It’s absolutely miserable but it’ll help me lose three pounds.


 3. You’re starving…like, all the time

I just want to eat something…more!  I need more out of life than this!


 4. You are constantly thinking about food

I need food.  I need it now.  I need it to be somewhat unhealthy, substantial and I need all the guilty feelings to leave me alone about it.


 5. You break down and eat your “safety net’ food

I can’t believe I ate all my special snacks…they were supposed to last me for the next month!


 6. You feel so guilty about it…you never want to eat again

…for like an hour.  Then you realize that you’re hungry so you get something to eat


 7. You talk about your diet some more

So, I’m back on the wagon again and now I’m going to add 40 minutes of cardio and maybe some weights to my health regimen…


 8. You think you can totally see a difference after one day of eating healthy

Dang…I look good! Can’t you tell?


 9. You get to the gym like once and feel great about it

I am working out so hard right now.  I can feel sweat…almost.


 10. You rationalize by saying there are a lot of people who are fatter than you

There really are a lot of people in the world who are much bigger than me.  I wouldn’t want them to look ginormous or anything so maybe I should just stay the same size?


 11. You try really hard to get excited about eating salad

Even though you realize salad is crap and never fills you up like you want it to.


 12. You get sick of people telling you, “You don’t need to lose weight,”

Uh huh…yeah sure.  Stop lying to me, people.


 13. You look up motivating quotes to keep yourself from eating

Except…I can actually think of a lot of things that taste better than skinny feels.  A whole lot of things.


 14. You start googling the nutritional information for EVERYTHING

What?  You’re just trying to stay on top of things.


 15. You secretly loathe all those people who can eat whatever they want.

Those tiny skinny b!#&*$ eat all the sugar and carbs they want and don’t gain a pound.  I hate them.