The Annual Tradition In The UK Of The John Lewis Christmas Adverts – The New One Will Melt Your Heart


Christmas is that time of year for everyone to come together and celebrate the festivities. It’s the time of year to forgive, forget, and focus on the future with those whom we love. In many countries, Christmas decorations, cards, gift wrap and food begin appearing in stores at the start of November, and TV advertisements, too. Although the most notable Christmas advertisement in the world is probably the Coca-Cola one, it’s British department store ‘John Lewis’ that keeps coming back with an even bigger bang each year. Every November, the company releases a brand new Christmas advert that is almost always guaranteed to make us soppy viewers cry. And you know what? That’s why we love them. Here are the John Lewis Christmas advertisements from the last 3 years: 2012, 2013, and 2014. Your challenge is to not cry. Good luck.

#1 2012 – The Journey

This story of the two snowmen is so adorable. Built by a young brother and sister in the English countryside, it’s pretty clear that the snowman and snow-woman will fall in love. But then, the wandering snowman decides he wants to see the real world, and makes doing so his mission. However, he’s not doing it for the reasons we think he is. Keep watching until the end.


#2 2013 – The Bear & The Hare

This tale of the adorable little hare and her friend that’s a bear is amazing, and shows how powerful friendship can really be. The bear had never seen Christmas in his life, and the loyal hare became determined to give him one he wouldn’t forget. So when he goes into hibernation for the winter, she’s obviously devastated. Again, watch until the end… if you don’t shed a tear, we’ll be surprised.

#3 2014 – #MontyThePenguin

The latest eagerly awaited John Lewis Christmas advert is #MontyThePenguin, a heartfelt story about a little boy and his penguin, who becomes sad and envious of all the loved-up couples he encounters when out and about. So, little Monty gets his wish granted on Christmas morning, and what happens is just so lovely.