Marc Allante Shows Us His Amazing Progress As An Artist From 2 to 25 Years Old


Ever since he was a little boy, artist Marc Allante was encouraged by his family to draw. His first ever drawings were crude portraits of his grandparents when he was 2 years old. Today, his paintings are sold for a lot of money and Allante has become one of Hong Kong’s most sought after artists.

In this post you are going to see Allante’s development as an artist through the years. As you are going to see, this amazing artist proves greatness does not happen overnight. It actually took Allante 24 years to hone his skills and discover his own unique style.

“It is not a static process,” Allante said. “I would say to anyone who has passion for art and creating to not stop … regardless of what gets thrown your way.”

Scroll down to see this amazing artist’s progression in art over the years. Enjoy!

1. 2 Years Old: Marc’s first ever drawings. Portraits of his Oma and Opa (grandparents)

Age 2, Marc began drawing pictures of his Oma and Opa (grandparents)


2. 3 Years Old: he began attempting drawing animals.

Age 3, Then, he began attempting drawing animals in the world around him, like bats, rabbits and fish.

3. 4 Years Old: Like many boys his age at that time, Marc was obsessed with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Age 4, Of course, Marc couldn't resist trying his hand at the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

4. 5 Years Old: Marc already knew he wanted to be an artist for the rest of his life.

Age 5, Marc already knew he wanted to be an artist at age 5... and was dead set against some other professions.


5. 6 Years Old: Marc was always drawing the world around him.

Age 6, Once again, Marc focused on drawing the world around him.

6. 7 Years Old: Marc got into dinosaurs.

Age 7, But, like any little boy, at some point he got distracted by dinosaurs.

7. 8 Years Old: Marc’s drawings begantake shape.

Age 8, Around this age, his drawings began to literally take shape.

8. 9 Years Old: He was getting pretty good.

Age 9, It was easy to see what he was drawing - and he was getting pretty darn good, too.

9. 10 Years Old: He created reproductions of photos he saw on National Geographic.

Age 10, He went through a National Geographic phase, creating impressive and colorful photo reproductions.

10. 11 Years Old: Marc caught the Chinese mythology bug and kept on drawing dragons.

Age 11, He also hit the mystical dragon and Chinese mythology phase we all seem to go through.

11. 13 Years Old: Marc realized at this age that what is inside of his drawings are just as important as what is outside.

Age 13, Then, something magical happened. Marc began realizing it was just as important to know what was on the inside of what he was drawing.

12. 14 Years Old: Marc at this time dreamt of one day designing characters for Blizzard.

Age 14, He dreamed of one day designing characters for Blizzard.

13. 15 Years Old: High school, Marc was getting good at photo-realistic drawings.

Age 15, Once he hit high school, Marc also began attempting (and succeeding) at making photo-realistic drawings.

14. 16 Years Old: Marc was getting good at drawing faces and expressions.

Age 16, He began attempting creating even more human-like faces...

15. 17 & 18 Years Old: Marc’s passions took a turn for the surreal.

Age 17 & 18, Until, suddenly, his passions took a turn for the surreal. The works were just as detailed, but less about drawing what he saw in this world.

16. 19 Years Old: His drawings were more simplified but you can tell he was getting better.

Age 19, Then, Marc began to hone in his skills and simplify his drawings.

17. 20 Years Old: Marc’s tastes and creativity began to really shine.

Age 20, This is where his tastes and creativity began to really shine.

18. 22 Years Old: Marc started to dabble in ink drawings.

Age 22, Even though he began drawing less, the ink drawings seemed to SAY more.

19. 23 Years Old: Marc experimented with other mediums such as oil painting on canvas.

Age 23, Marc began dabbling with other mediums as well, such as oil painting on canvas.

20. 25 Years Old: Marc finally found his voice as a painter.

Age 25, He began to truly see who he was as an artist.

21. 25 Years Old: His most recent painting and the one that earned him a lot of recognition. “A Portrait Of Hong Kong”

Age 25, His most recent painting truly shows who he is and how much talent he has, but he will keep growing throughout the years.

22. His surreal side is mind-blowing too.

The details of these surrealistic drawings were just as mind-blowing as the photo-realistic.