Avengers Assemble… Your Decent Avengers Cosplay!


With the release of the much awaited Age of Ultron, fans all around the world are going haywire! But together with the fans, present with every major blockbuster, comes the cosplayers. Some have took time and effort in creating their beloved costumes, while others just took the whole Avengers cosplay halfheartedly. But this list belongs to none of the previous one’s mentioned. These Avengers cosplay belong to the bottom of the ocean, where they can be stomped to death by Aquaman for disrespecting the whole superhero representation. Read on for 19 of the worst Avengers cosplay ever to plunge us to our death if ever there was an alien invasion!

1. Avengers assemble…at the gym!


2. Yeah, buddy. Sunglasses probably wouldn’t fit in with the whole Hulk Smash move.