All In! These Awesome Animals Just Want To Join In The Fun


It’s always good to be in the presence of our pets, right? They are always doing something to put us in a good mood, whether it’s sharing a big hug with us, or showing us some pretty crazy and hilarious situations. The best part is that they love to be with us, too – not only because we feed them, but also because they love it when we play with them. If you have any doubt about this, just check out our awesome selection of 18 animals who just want to join in the fun.

#1 Poker Night

Here’s something that we definitely don’t see every day – a cat playing poker. And, looking at his facial expression, it’s pretty easy to guess what a good player he is. He’s probably just waiting for the right moment to wipe out every penny of his opponent’s money.


#2 Skater Dog

And how about this adorable little white puppy, trying his hand at skateboarding for the first time?! It looks like he’s doing pretty well. Before we know it, he’ll be showing off his mad dog skills like there’s no tomorrow.


#3 Player Two

Did you ever see such a cute and furry gamer before?! We can’t help but wonder what this duo are playing together – perhaps they’re killing all the bad guys in Call of Duty, or maybe they’re fighting each other in the new Mortal Kombat X. It’s just another ninja cat in the world.


#4 Table Tennis

Cats love to run around after little balls, or anything that moves quickly in front of their sharp eyes. So, as you can imagine, the happiness of this cat joining in a table tennis match is just off the scale right now.


#5 Monopoly

It’s because of moments like this that we know deep inside us that one day, cats will rule the world. This ginger kitty below is already learning how to buy and sell properties! In just a few years’ time, he’ll be drafting up the relevant paperwork to sell his owner’s house, and keep it all to himself.


#6 Snooker Time

Just look at the face of this happy dog – he’s delighted to be observing the snooker game. We don’t know about you guys, but it seems pretty clear to us that he’s desperately resisting the urge to jump on the table and run after the balls.


#7 I’ll Take A Beer, Please

We all know how great it feels to have a nice cold beer after a long day at work. And, dogs feel exactly like this, too. The only difference is that they crave a beer after a long, hard day running around after toys, balls and sticks. It’s such a hard life!


#8 Let’s Ride

This little guy doesn’t look very happy to be where he is, but let’s face it, if he’s up there, it’s because he wanted to be. These crazy cats are always giving us so many laughs and opportunities for hilarious pictures.


#9 Ready For The Match

Did you ever see a dog that absolutely loves heading to the stadium to watch a baseball game?! Um, probably not. That’s exactly why we’re so honoured to introduce this happy dog, who is clearly so excited about the upcoming match. So cute!


#10 Let’s Play Tennis

It’s pretty difficult to know if this lovely little dog is happy because of the tennis ball, or because he really wants to start playing tennis and eventually become the first ever dog champion in the world. Let’s go with the second one!


#11 Walking In The Forest

How about this fluffy little dog taking his first ever hiking trip in the forest?! We have to admit that this is a great idea, and is a good way for this little fella to explore the great outdoors with his loving owner.


#12 Slide!

The favorite thing for this dog to do is not walking the same familiar streets or running after that tattered old ball – he’s too cool for that bullsh*t. What he really enjoys doing is heading to the nearby park and playing, just like all the kids do. Wow!


#13 Professional Swimmer

Okay, so everyone knows that seals are great swimmers, but we must confess that we never saw one in an Olympic pool before. With competition like this, Michael Phelps would definitely struggle to get all those gold medals.


#14 My Turn Now

How can we resist these lovely green eyes begging us to play a video game?! Even though we’re well aware that cats don’t have thumbs and therefore can’t exactly use the game controls, we’d definitely have trouble saying ‘no’ to this adorable little face.


#15 The Swing

What do you think, guys?! Do you think this fluffy white dog is enjoying his time on the swing? Okay, so he can’t see anything that is going on around him, and it looks like he’s about to die… but he’s probably enjoying it deep down! Right?!


#16 Radical Cat

This picture is absolutely hilarious! Just look at the face of this poor cat, surrounded by clear blue waters, taking a peaceful trip on his favorite kayak. We don’t know if he’s genuinely enjoying it, but this is definitely funny.


#17 Technological Cats

These two cats got so bored scrapping with each other and sleeping that they decided to borrow the iPad and while the time away watching a movie on Netflix. Which one do you think they chose?!


#18 Uno!

This big dog was feeling so lonely that he decided to participate in the family game of UNO in another way. Since he doesn’t really know how to play the card game very well, he decided to be a table for the cards, instead. Awww – thanks, buddy!