Awesome Crazy Hair Day Ideas Anyone Can Do


Do you have kids gearing up for crazy hair day at school?  It’s one wild and wacky day!  In order for your kids to have some seriously cool hair, try these ideas on for size!  We love the colors and creativity. Here are 18 awesome crazy hair day ideas anyone can do.

1. Hair full of bugs

Turn your kid’s hair into a green patch of grass and then add all kids of bugs to keep things interesting.  It’s like bringing the bugs inside.

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 1.48.46 PM

2. Cupcake hair

Make your daughter’s pigtails into two cupcakes with frosting on top.  Make two buns and add a cupcake liner, spray the hair a fun color and add a cherry on top!

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 1.48.53 PM


3. Spiderman hair

For the little Spiderman lover in your life, use some fake webbing all in his hair and top it with a Spiderman action figure atop the head.

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 1.33.21 PM

4. Tree hair

Turn your daughter’s hair into a tree complete with leaves by using wire hangers and adding fake leaves to the ‘branches.’

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 1.32.30 PM

5. Family of crazy hair!

We love all of these ideas.  From crazy spikes and colors, to a Minion, to Olaf from Frozen and finally a glass of soda pouring into a cup…there’s no lack of creativity here.

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 1.32.12 PM

6. Rainbow hair

Pull hair into two pigtails and braid the hair into several plaits.  Use a hanger to make a rainbow shape from bun to bun and add cotton ball clouds and spray paint the hair different colors.

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 1.31.33 PM

7. Surfer dude hair

Spray hair blue and gel into a wave shape and add a lego guy surfing.  Fun!

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 1.30.28 PM

8. Mermaid hair

Add a cutout of a mermaid girl and then spray a fishtail braid green to be the fins.  Easy as can be and cute too!

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 1.30.11 PM

9. Cindy Lou Who hair

To achieve this Cindy Lou Who look, place a plastic cup on the crown of the head and pull the hair up around it.

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 1.29.55 PM

10. Pippi Longstocking hair

This hairstyle works especially well for redheads, but anyone with long hair can do it.  Use wire hangers to make the braids stand out.  Add a few freckles across the face.

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 1.29.37 PM

11. Halloween hair

This is a fun style!  Add a few plastic rings to hair that’s been pulled into pigtails.

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 1.29.23 PM

12. Glow stick hair

You can make cool shapes and colorful strands by wrapping hair around glow sticks.

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 1.29.08 PM

13. Chalked hair

Change the color of your kid’s hair by chalking it.  It will look so fun and creative!

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 1.28.18 PM

14. Barrette hair

Put all the barrettes you own on your daughter’s head.  You’re done.  Lol, that was easy, wasn’t it?

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 1.28.08 PM

15. Unicorn hair

Twist hair up into a unicorn shape and spray with color.  You could also use a yarn unicorn on the head.

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 1.27.38 PM

16. Braids and balloons

This one is so easy that even daddy could do it.  Put hair into braids and tie several balloons onto the hair.

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 1.27.17 PM

17. Cones and curls

We love the crazy shapes of this hairstyle and the curly ends tied off with ribbon.  So fun!

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 1.26.53 PM

18. Curly cue hair

Add pipe cleaners to little twists all over the head for a look that’s truly one-of-a-kind!

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 1.26.39 PM