Awesome Designer Decor From The Dollar Store


Just with a little creativity, you can fill your home and garden with these awesome designer decor from the dollar store!  In no matter of time, you can accomplish these fresh new ideas for your home!

#1 Glass Bead Vase

Using a pack of glass beads, turn a regular glass vase into an interesting designer piece, with or without flowers!

Glass Bead Vase 2

#2 Bamboo Candle Holder

Buy some glasses at the dollar store and line them with slivers of bamboo or even sticks from your backyard—that is if you would like a woodsy look to your home.

Candle Holder

#3 Plastic Bottle Chandelier

Get your guests admiration for your elegant dangling chandelier made of plastic bottles!

Plastic Bottle Chandelier

#4 Footed Floral Platter

Great for your side table or dresser, this little low-cost platter is the perfect piece to place your accessories or jewelry, showing high-end appeal.

Footed Floral Platter

#5 Chic Buckets

Buy those cheap colorful metal buckets from the dollar store and paint them to turn them into chic little pieces of storage!

Chic Buckets

#6 Vintage Locker Bins

Don’t worry over ugly yet sensible finds.  Upgrade unattractive storage so it matches your beautiful home.

Vintage Locker Bins

#7 Elegant Dispensers

Make your bathroom look like a spa by dressing up your usual shampoo, conditioner, and liquid soap dispensers!  Personalize them too!

Elegant Dispensers

#8 Designer Mirror

Dress up your standard mirror using supplies from the dollar store.  Find the perfect glass pebbles based on your color scheme or even paint your mirror to match.

Designer Mirror

#9 Painted Flower Pots

Change your cheap terracotta pots into amazing garden artwork, giving them a quick makeover.

Painted Flower Pots

#10 Classy Candy Dishes

Purchase a couple glass bowls and candlesticks at your dollar store and mix and match them to create fancy elevated pieces.

Classy Candy Dishes

#11 Rose Petal Initial Design

Create easy and beautiful decor in a child’s bedroom, using faux rose petals to form an initial.

Rose Petal Initial Design

#12 Kitchen Garden Tools

Buy some regular kitchen tools from the dollar store and arrange them in your flower beds to make cute garden designs.

Kitchen Garden Tools

#13 Winterberry Branches

These winterberry branches are a great and affordable way to decorate your house, especially during the colder season.

Winterberry Branches

#14 Salt and Pepper Snowmen

Transform dirt cheap salt and pepper shakers into snowmen that would decorate your table or mantle!  Very easy to do, but very cute.

Salt and Pepper Snowmen

#15 Customized Plates

Save your money on decorated party plates by creating your own with a do-it-yourself design based on your personality!

Customized Plates