Awesome Food Hacks That Will Save You Money


Why didn’t they tell us about these food hacks earlier?  Definitely something to include in the “Cheapskate Hacks For When We Need To Be Stingy” list.

#1 Leftover Herbs

Since you can never use all of your herbs, place leftover herbs between 2 paper towels and microwave them for a minute or so.  This process will dry them and make them useful for your next dish.

Leftover Herbs

#2 Fresh Onions, Garlic, Etc.

Place onions, garlic, shallots, and the like inside ventilated paper bags, so they are kept fresh.  Remember to punch holes into the paper bag to store them.  You’ll be surprised that they’d be perfect months from now!

Fresh Onions, Garlic, Etc.