Awesome Food Hacks That Will Save You Money


Why didn’t they tell us about these food hacks earlier?  Definitely something to include in the “Cheapskate Hacks For When We Need To Be Stingy” list.

#1 Leftover Herbs

Since you can never use all of your herbs, place leftover herbs between 2 paper towels and microwave them for a minute or so.  This process will dry them and make them useful for your next dish.

Leftover Herbs

#2 Fresh Onions, Garlic, Etc.

Place onions, garlic, shallots, and the like inside ventilated paper bags, so they are kept fresh.  Remember to punch holes into the paper bag to store them.  You’ll be surprised that they’d be perfect months from now!

Fresh Onions, Garlic, Etc.

#3 Almost Expiring Milk

If your milk is almost expiring, use it to create milk and cookie cubes.  Drop them into your coffee and get ready to be wowed!

Almost Expiring Milk

#4 Soft Ice Cream

Keep ice cream soft by storing it inside a resealable plastic bag.

Soft Ice Cream

#5 Perfect Avocado

Don’t waste your money again when you buy an over-ripened avocado.  So just remember this picture below to get you by!

Perfect Avocado

#6 Herb Storage

For the storage of delicate herbs, put them in cups of water, cover them in plastic wrap, secure them with a rubber band, and put them inside the refrigerator.

Herb Storage

#7 Frozen Wine

If you can’t finish a whole bottle of wine (what?!?), freeze the leftovers in an ice cube tray.  So when you need wine for a recipe, just drop a wine cube in the pan!

Frozen Wine

#8 Longer Lasting Bananas

Using plastic wrap, wrap the crown of the bunch of bananas.  The result?  Bananas that will last 3 to 5 days longer.  This is even more helpful when you have organic bananas.

Longer Lasting Bananas

#9 Easy Green Smoothie

Freeze your leafy vegetables to be used in a smoothie.  They will make the consistency of your smoothie slightly slushy.  Easy and healthy!

Easy Green Smoothie

#10 Supermarket Strategy

Supermarket situates the important ingredients like produce and dairy on opposite sides of the store so you are required to go through all the aisles and buy more things you really do not need.  So, avoid the inner aisles and don’t get distracted.  You won’t spend as much money with this strategy!

Supermarket Strategy

#11 Unhardened Brown Sugar

It may sound odd, but to stop your brown sugar from turning into stone, throw in marshmallows into a resealable bag.  It works!

Unhardened Brown Sugar

#12 More Affordable Grocery Items

Remember that grocery stores place their more expensive products on your eye level.  So look at the top and at the bottom for better grocery deals.

More Affordable Grocery Items

#13 More Veges for Longer

When you wrap broccoli, celery, or lettuce in tin foil before you store them in the refrigerator, they will stay crispy for 4 or more weeks!

More Veges for Longer

#14 Grated Cheese

Instead of buying prepacked grated cheese, grate your own cheese.  Similar to prepacked lettuce, you shell out extra cash for the convenience.  Just keep a chunk of cheese ready inside a container for fast grating.  If you love cheese, you’re sure to love reading this post, “Awesomely Cheesiest of the Cheese Treats You Should Eat Right Now.”

Grated Cheese

#15 Cheaper Chicken

Purchase your chicken in family packs.  Put the extras inside resealable plastic bags with some marinade and freeze.  The marinated chicken will be super flavorful and you can thaw them, as needed.

Cheaper Chicken