This Awesome Interactive Art Museum Will Blow Your Mind


Can you imagine a museum in which you can actually interact with the paintings? By interact, we mean stepping inside a Van Gogh painting, or doing your best to not be eaten by an alligator or T-Rex… yep, that kind of thing. It all sounds pretty crazy, but it’s more than possible at the Art In Island Museum, which is located in the Phillipines. While most art museums and galleries around the world involve people standing back and observing the paintings, the purpose of this museum is to invite visitors to experience the masterpieces in an interactive way, taking funny pictures and getting to know 3D a little better. Here is a special selection of pictures taken at this awesome art museum, all of which are bound to blow your mind. Enjoy!

#1 Naughty Girl

How about this masterpiece that allows you to take a super-awkward picture like the one below?! Maybe you’re curious, just like this lady, to find out what angels hide inside their underwear…


#2 Gotcha!

This amazing masterpiece reacts with its audience in a highly creative way. Are you ready to help this lovely lady and hold her shoes while she swings?! Be a gentleman and just do it.


#3 Big Mouth

Have you ever imagined being crushed into a piece of meat by a giant alligator’s nashers?! Well, whether you have or haven’t, you now have the chance to document this terrible moment, like the terrified dude below.


#4 Be Cool

This amazing 3D masterpiece was inspired by the stunning Great Pyramids of Giza, and invites you to be transported into a magical scenario where you need to keep the equilibrium and keep walking. Fantastic!


#5 Evil Princess

This fantastic and creative masterpiece will blow your head off, literally. Somehow, we think we’d be a little apprehensive to sit where that guy is sitting, in fear that the crazy princess comes to life. No, thanks!


#6 The Monster In You

The time has come to release the beast inside you and participate in this awesome art work, which transforms you automatically into a monster, trying to destroy the city of these poor people. Think you’d make a good Godzilla? Now’s your chance to try!


#7 The Tiger

Here’s an artwork that will make your terribly dirty mind become pretty evident. Of all the scenarios this guy could create, he decided on the filthiest one possible. Damn you, Mr!


#8 You Are The Art

How about actually stepping inside the art work and staring back at all the eager onlookers? It’s impossible anywhere else, but not in this museum.


#9 The Giant Ginger Cat

All the cat lovers around the world will probably cry out in delight at this huge wall painting of a giant ginger cat. It’s just another awesome scenario in this fantastic museum!


#10 Don’t Lose Your Head

Here’s another creative piece of art work that will literally ‘snap your head off’ and feed this terrifying fish coming through the wall. A great picture = guaranteed.


#11 T-Rex

Have you ever imagined posing for a crazy picture like this one?! Just doing your best to stop the T-Rex from eating you alive, and all that. Thankfully we don’t have to put up with these kind of situations, since dinosaurs went extinct millions of years ago. But clearly anything is possible in this museum…


#12 The Sleepy Mermaid

Here’s an amazing piece of art work that will transport you right to the bottom of the ocean, whilst testing your acting skills at the same time. Have you got what it takes to be a mermaid?!


#13 Spider-Woman

If you always wondered what it feels like to be the real-life Peter Parker, then now is your chance to be just that! This crazy optical illusion will make you feel exactly like Spider-Man (or woman).


#14 The Mirror

Here’s the perfect scenario for couples. We don’t really know how they do it; either there’s two separate rooms designed to simply look like it’s a mirror image, or they are genuinely coming face-to-face with their other half’s reflection. Whichever one it is, there’s no denying it’s a little creepy!


#15 Freedom

Are you strong enough to escape from prison?! We’re pretty sure you are, so why not document the powerful moment that you finally earn your long-lost freedom?


#16 The Scream

“The Scream” is a very famous masterpiece that was painted by the expressionist artist Edvard Munch, between 1893 and 1910, and here in this interactive art museum, the painting becomes very real indeed. “AAAAAARRRGHHHH!”


#17 Aloha!

If you ever dreamed of surfing some of the world’s biggest waves, but never quite got around to it, then now is your chance. Here, you can ride some waves and take amazing pictures to show off to all your friends. Surfer dude status = granted!


#18 Have Fun!

At Art In Island, you are the principal artist, and you only. All you have to do is let your creativity run wild, and interact with the masterpieces on the wall by taking hilarious pictures. Have fun, guys!