This Awesome Interactive Art Museum Will Blow Your Mind


Can you imagine a museum in which you can actually interact with the paintings? By interact, we mean stepping inside a Van Gogh painting, or doing your best to not be eaten by an alligator or T-Rex… yep, that kind of thing. It all sounds pretty crazy, but it’s more than possible at the Art In Island Museum, which is located in the Phillipines. While most art museums and galleries around the world involve people standing back and observing the paintings, the purpose of this museum is to invite visitors to experience the masterpieces in an interactive way, taking funny pictures and getting to know 3D a little better. Here is a special selection of pictures taken at this awesome art museum, all of which are bound to blow your mind. Enjoy!

#1 Naughty Girl

How about this masterpiece that allows you to take a super-awkward picture like the one below?! Maybe you’re curious, just like this lady, to find out what angels hide inside their underwear…