Awesome Things You Can Cook In A Waffle Iron


Contrary to popular belief, waffle irons are not just made for making waffles.  There’s a whole host of food items that can be cooked in a waffle iron!  And who doesn’t want that crispy golden criss-cross goodness for every meal?  Here are 15 awesome things you can cook in a waffle iron.

1. Bacon

Because who doesn’t want sizzling bacon with griddle scorch marks on it? Um…nobody.  That’s why you need to try putting bacon slices on your waffle maker.  Delicious!


 2. Eggs

Make omelets the easy way by pouring your eggs into the waffle maker and adding your veggies and then just shutting it until it’s done to perfection.  You can also try to master eggs over easy in the waffle maker but that one is a little bit tougher.