Awesome Tip Jar Ideas


We are all aware of the presence of tip jars in every establishment that makes a profit and, well, pays it’s employees. It’s not necessarily a payment we are obligated to make but rather an act of good will towards a superb service that the personnel have given us. These tip jars are placed right in front of the counters- yep, the place where we pay the cashier who, most likely, will hand us a copious amount of change that we are inclined to place in the jar- of the establishments to which we cannot ignore their presence.

Sometimes if we have excess change, we just do it out of sheer willingness to throw them in the tip jar. Others, however, have perfected the craft of making more out of their 9-to-5 job who can’t possibly support their needs. Here are some creatively designed, clever tip jar ideas that goes above and beyond, which encourages you to empty your pockets out of sheer joy!

1. Because he is the hero that we deserve to tip, not the hero we need to tip.


 2. First rule of tipping and complaints: the latter is only made possible by the former.