Awesomely Awkward Wedding Photos


Is It a Dress Or A Skirt?

Usually wedding dresses have a bodice or a top, otherwise they are just called skirts. Not sure how to categorize what this bride is wearing. Her necklace is pretty though.


Everyone Should Have Fun At A Wedding

Even grandma deserves to have a little fun at the wedding. Probably courtesy of one of the bridemaids.

The Ring Shot

Your wedding ring is a very important piece of jewelry and it should be kept in a safe place. So they say.


My Dreamy Husband

Too much tanner? Is she posing with a mannequin? What is he looking at? At least she looks content.


Idyllic Photo Shoot Location

Nothing says romance like a photo shoot in a portable bathroom. She’s not wearing shoes. He’s holding them. Enough said.


Supportive Husband

They say a wedding dress should show compliment your best assets. I think this dress has accomplished that.


The Couple That Shares Makeup Together….

Stays together? The cat eye make up treatment truly is the finishing touch to this groom’s bridal look. Do you think she helped him with his makeup?


Just A Quick Vacuum Before We Say “I Do”

Everyone loves a clean floor, but vacuuming before your wedding seems excessive. Household maintenance and upkeep must be important to this groom (although his face says otherwise)


Riding In Style

Limos are seriously overrated. This is probably the most appropriate mode of transportation given the frozen environment this bride and groom are dealing with. Nothing like a little fresh air after saying ” I do!”


Keeping it Classy

We all know weddings are stressful. Nothing like blowing off a little steam after the ceremony. Gross.


The Perfect Backdrop

Sometimes inspiration strikes at the strangest times. This wedding photographer seems to have been inspired by wheat fields and Datsuns.

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Bound By Love

Most brides choose a color palette for a wedding theme. Winter weddings are often black and white, weddings in the spring are complemented with blush and pastel tones. This bride seems to have gone in a different direction…


Maid of Honor Duties

No idea what is happening The bride’s friend doesn’t look pleased at whatever she found…


This Wedding Is Sponsored By….

This wedding is probably not sponsored by Adidas, but kudos to this couple for originality with their cake decorations. Willing to bet the farm they are both wearing sneakers with their wedding ensembles.


Wedding Traditions

You’ve all heard about how tossing fresh, whole chickens in the air will bring good luck to a new married couple right? Along with a mean case of salmonella and an all night visit to the bathroom.


Young At Heart

A tulle wedding gown and veil is the perfect outfit for climbing on the monkey bars. Time to re-think your wardrobe.


Hey We All Match!

They say you should match your bra and panties. I guess a pre-requisite for this bride was that all her bridesmaids wear matching underwear. We’ve never seen this before but perhaps this is a business opportunity for Victoria’s Secret?



For The Bride Who Doesn’t Want To Do The Money Dance

We’ve all heard of the dance where you pin money to the bride and groom.  I am not sure what is going on here, but it’s a new wedding dance that we must learn about immediately!


Jimmy Choo Who?

Who needs fancy Jimmy Choo or Christian Louboutin shoes for their wedding? This bride has found the perfect dual purpose shoe that also serves as transportation.


No Words

Literally can’t find any words to describe this. Maybe she’s giving her a souvenir to commemorate the night?


Must Have Been Some Party

Normally you spend your wedding night with your husband. In this woman’s case, it appears something has gone terribly awry.


Honey, It’s Really Nothing

I’m sure something completely innocent is happening here, but the timing of this is perfect and the bride and groom’s facial expressions are priceless.