Awful Hairstyles We All Tried While Growing Up


When you’re a kid, you don’t always get to make decisions…even decisions that generally affect your self-esteem, like what your hair looks like.  We all had some pretty interesting and strange haircuts and hairstyles when we were young.  Here are 15 awful hairstyles we all tried while growing up.

1. Overuse of the crimping iron

Remember back when crimping your hair was cool?  You had to have so many hot tools to get this look!  First, a triple-barrel crimping iron to achieve Christina’s wavy look.  Then, a triangle crimper and a curling iron to get Britney crimp-n-curl look.  Whew! So much work!hair20

2.  Blonde and flowing

All the boys wanted Nick’s cool blonde parted hair. What they got was ultra blonde hair that just looked more like a bowl cut.  But hey, they all tried, right?