Baby Photo Shoots Gone Wrong


Babies are the sweetest things and so fun to take photos of…except when they don’t want to cooperate.  Here are some of the best baby photo shoots that went totally and completely wrong.

1. Surprise spit up

You better be prepared when you put the baby up by your face.  Those things are like little coke bottles that explode after you shake them.  Babies drool and spit up frequently– so don’t be too surprised if you get hit.

surprise spit up

 2. Stream of poop

You always need to take caution when the baby bum is uncovered.  Those things can be lethal.  And babies know when the diapers are off, it’s time to fire.  This dad said he knew it was coming after he felt the baby’s tummy tense right as they were about to take the photo.

baby pooped

3. Can you say, “Oops!”

This sweet family photo turned almost dangerous when mom decided to swing her 6-month-old and lost control.  Don’t worry though, no babies were harmed in the making of this completely candid family photo.


4. Well, this is strange

It should look like a loving photo of a family of three…instead it looks like the weirdest of family disputes.  Does it looks like mom and dad are pulling baby apart to anybody else?  It’s like they couldn’t agree who got to hold the little one and so they both decided to hang on…without standing close to one another.


5. One proud papa

Instead of getting mad, this doting father just admires his son who doesn’t feel the need to hold it in when he’s got to go.  Are all boys the same?

baby pees

6. Covered in kisses

The baby on the right clearly does not care that mom has covered him in lipstick kisses…in fact, he’s pretty pissed about it.  Mom’s just sad she didn’t get her adorable photo, and yet again, Pinterest has bested us all.

covered in kisses

7. Crying instead of cooing

Unfortunately, babies have a tendency to do the exact opposite of what you want them to do.  So, they’ll be laughing and smiling and happy up until the camera clicks on.  Then they’ll howl and scream and you’ll wonder what awful demon is possessing your sweet child.


8. Mom and Baby Awkwardness

We’re just going to assume that one of the two let out a big giant fart and scared the other…we just aren’t sure which one.  This photo is pretty classic.

mom and baby

9. Nose-picker

This little one really needed to get something lodged in his nose out of there before the photos were taken.  Babies clearly have no sense of self control.

nose picker

10. Curb your creativity

Resist the urge to recreate every adorable Pinterest pose you find.  There’s a reason it’s so adorable…because it’s also unachievable.  Normal babies just don’t look as perfectly precious as the ones you find online.

baby photo