When Your Baby Pictures Don’t Turn Out Quite As Planned


Every parent in the world wants to capture some wonderful and memorable photographs of their beautiful babies, especially because they’re only young once, and tend to grow up so quickly. Most moms dream of seeing their baby in magazines and advertisements, just to show the world how graceful and adorable they are. However, the final result of baby photographs don’t always turn out quite so well. Here is a tragic (but extremely cute) selection of hilarious baby pictures that went a teeny tiny bit wrong. Enjoy!

#1 The Pumpkin Baby

It wasn’t supposed to be a Halloween costume, but the baby with the bad reaction to the pumpkin has certainly changed that.


#2 Get Me Out Of Here

The crib is the most comfortable place for a baby, right? The baby on the bottom just turned one, and she’s ready to get out already.


#3 Christmas Lights

Okay, so the intentions were obviously good, but it seems like the baby on the right isn’t too keen on Christmas lights.


#4 Awful Kisses

If this is how the baby on the right is gonna keep responding to kisses, it looks like his love life won’t go very far in the future.


#5 What You Doing To Me?

It’s pretty clear that the baby on the bottom is wondering what the f*ck his parents are trying to do to him.


#6 Stop!

We all love cuddles and kisses, but sometimes, you’re just not in the right frame of mind for them.


#7 Something Went Wrong

Could these pictures get any more similar?!


#8 Christmas Lights Part II

Okay, so now we can officially confirm that babies in fact hate Christmas lights.


#9 Angry Baby

The bow tie is simply adorable, but the baby clearly isn’t a big fan of looking smart. Someone pass him a babygrow?


#10 Noooooo!

“Get me out of this God awful predicament!”


#11 Art Attack

Perhaps the baby on the right just doesn’t have much of an artistic streak.


#12 Not Today, Daddy

“NO, I will absolutely NOT smile for Mommy or Daddy today.”


#13 Big Family

When your kids just don’t care about posing nicely for a family portrait…


#14 Is This Real Life?

“If it is, what am I doing inside this stupid box?”


#15 Can’t Fit

Wrong size, daddy! Shoulda done this months ago…


#15 Snow Baby

As adorable as this is, the baby on the right just isn’t too keen on posing as a snowman today.


#16 Teddy Bear

Because all kids love to snuggle with their teddy bear… right?


#17 Help Me!

Just look at this poor baby’s face!


#18 Christmas Album

Baby, look at the camera in 3,2,1… FAIL.


#19 Christmas Album Part II

When your mommy just wants to take some cute Christmas pictures, but you’re way too hungry to do so.


#20 Who? Me?

Yes, you! Give us a smile! No? Uh, okay then… sorry we asked.


#21 Little Angel

Looks like someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed today.