Back From The Dead? People Who Came Back To Life


From people who ended up trapped in a morgue freezer to waking up at their own funeral, here are shocking cases of clinically dead people who somehow came back to life!  (We wonder if any of them said these last words as spoken by famous people before their deaths.)

#1 Li Xiufeng

Li Xiufeng, a 95-year old woman, was found dead by her neighbor and placed inside a coffin, waiting for days before they buried her.  This ended up being beneficial for Li, since she stepped out of her coffin and went about cooking dinner, like nothing happened.  The downside though, was that they burned almost all her stuff—which she wasn’t so grateful for.

Li Xiufeng

#2 Val Thomas

Val Thomas of West Virginia had several heart attacks and did not show brain waves for more than 17 hours.  She had no pulse and heartbeat and when the cables were pulled out, she woke up and started to talk.  Val was then brought to a special clinic where they declared that she was fine.

Val Thomas