Back From The Dead? People Who Came Back To Life


#3 Erica Nigrelli

Erica, a pregnant English teacher from Missouri, suddenly passed out.  Her husband dialed 911 and she was brought to the hospital.  But her heart stopped and they had to get her baby from her body before it died too.  After her delivery, Erica’s heart beat again and she was placed in a medically induced coma for 5 days.  All she actually needed was a pacemaker.  Now, she and her daughter are both alive.

Erica Nigrelli

#4 Anne Green

In 1650, a woman was convicted of killing her child and hiding the body.  She was sentenced to hang and was held down by people to hasten the choking.  But when they cut her down and started the autopsy, she was able to survive.  Because she survived her hanging, they allowed her to live, even siring 3 more children.

Anne Green