Bad Dogs That Are Too Funny To Be Punished


For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been a dog person. I like dogs better than cats because they’re more fun to be with, they’re loyal and they think that you’re the best person in the world and they’ll love you no matter what. No other animal truly deserves the title, “Man’s Best Friend”.

There are times, however, when these furry best friends of ours act like total jerks, albeit in a funny way. From pooping on your sweatshirt to dry-humping your chicken, nobody tests the boundaries of friendship more hilariously than a dog does. But don’t let a little mischief turn you off on these cute meddlesome mutts, though, because for all their antics, no other animal loves us and cares for us in quite the same way as dogs do.

1. The cutest party pooper ever.


2. Right.


3. Making the best out of his situation.


4. What are you looking at?