Bad Employees That Clearly Don’t Give A F*ck About Their Jobs


Going to work every day isn’t exactly the best thing in the world to do, is it?! Unless of course, your job is at Apple, Microsoft or Google. If you don’t have that luck (yet), you probably spend half your days working to hit your goals and objectives, while still searching desperately for the time to live, study, and take care of your family. Of course, doing all of this is not an easy task, which ends up generating stress and dissatisfaction with our jobs. However, without money coming in, we can’t live properly – so sit back, relax, and hold on, just like these fed-up employees below are doing. Here is a hilarious selection of 18 lazy employees who clearly don’t give a f*ck about their jobs. Enjoy!

#1 He Never Missed A Day

Looks like someone here will be fired when he returns to work the next day. He thought he could just leave this mannequin there with a picture of his face attached to it and head off to the beach, but we doubt he was successful on his mission.