Bad Employees That Clearly Don’t Give A F*ck About Their Jobs


Going to work every day isn’t exactly the best thing in the world to do, is it?! Unless of course, your job is at Apple, Microsoft or Google. If you don’t have that luck (yet), you probably spend half your days working to hit your goals and objectives, while still searching desperately for the time to live, study, and take care of your family. Of course, doing all of this is not an easy task, which ends up generating stress and dissatisfaction with our jobs. However, without money coming in, we can’t live properly – so sit back, relax, and hold on, just like these fed-up employees below are doing. Here is a hilarious selection of 18 lazy employees who clearly don’t give a f*ck about their jobs. Enjoy!

#1 He Never Missed A Day

Looks like someone here will be fired when he returns to work the next day. He thought he could just leave this mannequin there with a picture of his face attached to it and head off to the beach, but we doubt he was successful on his mission.


#2 Quick Nap

Usually, when someone is feeling pretty tired at work, they go to the bathroom or hide in an empty room in the office to take a quick nap, but this girl clearly doesn’t care, and decided to sleep on her desk, instead. She will wake up with her resignation letter on the table, for sure.


#3 F*ck Yeah!

Thank God these aren’t pizza boxes, otherwise, there would be cheese all over the place. Nevertheless, this isn’t exactly a good way to handle parcels – is it, FedEx?!


#4 Time To Play

Look at how many people are waiting in the queue and wonder if it’s really the right time to be playing Solitaire on the computer?! She clearly doesn’t give a flying f*ck about her job.


#5 Cheeseburger?!

We don’t know about you guys, but we thought cheeseburgers are supposed to have cheese inside the bread – not on the side! Someone here is pretty lazy, and clearly doesn’t care about their lame-ass job.


#6 The Kind Postman

Look how kind and patient the postmen are in Russia – he broke the glass of the door just to drop the mail inside. Easy, quick and efficient – and saves him a job the next day. Good on you!


#7 Hamburger With No Hamburger

How can you be considered the Burger King if your burger doesn’t have meat?! There’s something very wrong with the world nowadays. People simply do not care about anything.


#8 Three Points

We could say this was a good throw, if it wasn’t a box with something delicate inside, of course. Can you imagine if it was an iPhone inside? Clearly, this dude hates his job, and is not having a good day at all.


#9 Pasta With Cheese

This is what happens when you don’t pay your employees correctly, or hire anyone without experience to be the chef of your restaurant. There’s no glamour or individuality to this dish whatsoever – just downright laziness instead!


#10 Wake Me Up When September Ends

We hope that he is just sleeping, because if he’s laid like this randomly in the middle of his working day, he could be dead and nobody has noticed yet. It was definitely a busy month for this poor, poor creature!


#11 F*ck The World

This is what happens when you’re not happy with your job and your boss won’t fire you. This fella has simply lost all his control, and is clearly wishing to burn the world into flames. Um, sorry dude, but it’s probably best that you quit.


#12 Lazy Bastard

Sometimes, being lazy only doubles the job for you. If he actually asked someone the name of this fruit, he would spend much less time writing ‘banana’ than this long and weird explanation. Obviously, he was way too embarrassed to ask people what a banana is called.


#13 You Had One Job

You had ONE job, and you failed miserably. Can someone please tell us why it’s all that difficult just to pay a little more attention at work? Watermelon? Really?!


#14 WTF?!

This lazy fella below is the perfect representation of a lazy employee that doesn’t care about anything. Can you believe that he threw a TV over the fence like it was nothing?! FedEx… we are ashamed of you!


#15 The Icing On The Cake

When someone asks for mayonnaise on their hamburger, we’re pretty sure they mean inside the burger, not on the top. Here’s another great example of someone who is getting pretty damn frustrated with his day job.


#16 Genius!

This is what happens when you’re doing your job, but with your head in another place altogether. We have one question for you, buddy – how you gonna get the ladder out of there?! Genius!0


#17 Hello!

We think something is very wrong in this picture… no?! Someone who really hates his job made this excellent error and installed the telephone outside of the box. D’oh!


#18 The Package

Check out how an extremely ‘smart’ person packaged a delivery. OMG – WHY was it so difficult to find a larger box, instead of shipping off this mess?! We just can’t understand people sometimes.