30 Badass Alternative Versions Of Batman


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, in a cave, on a remote island on one of Saturn’s moons, it’s probably pretty safe to assume you may have heard Batman, one of the badassest superheroes to ever walk the world of comics and cinema. You probably know all about his past, his enemies and lovers. Heck, you’re probably more familiar with Batman than you are with yourself.

Well, to diversify things a bit, we thought we’d share with you these 30 badass alternative versions of Batman we’re sure you’d love. Enjoy looking at these strange Batmen from other timelines, darker, more hard-core Batmen with looser morals and other Batmen who are simply weird-looking.

1. 1714 Batman

1714 Batman

2. Actual Bat Batman

Actual Bat Batman

3. Actual Dark Knight Undefined

Actual Dark Knight Undefined

4. Animated Series Badass Batman

Animated Series Badass Batman

5. Arkham Knight Render

Arkham Knight Render

6. Avenging Angel Batman

Avenging Angel Batman

7. Batman 2046

Batman 2046

8. Batman Beyond #2

Batman Beyond #2

9. Batman Beyond

Batman Beyond

10. Batman Knight

Batman Knight

11. Demonic Batman

Demonic Batman

12. Fantasy Batman vs. The Joker Wyrm

Fantasy Batman vs. Joker Wyrm

13. Fantasy Knight Batman

Fantasy Knight Batman

14. Future Batman

Future Batman

15. Greaser Batman

Greaser Batman

16. Hank-Batman


17. Iron Batman

Iron Batman

18. Medieval Batman

Medieval Batman

19. Nightmare Batman

Nightmare Batman

20. Nightmare Batman

Ottoman Batman

21. Pirate Batman

Pirate Batman

22. Post-Apocalyptic Batman

Post-Apocalyptic Batman

23. Steampunk Batman #2

Steampunk Batman #2

24. Steampunk Batman

Steampunk Batman

25. Streets Batman

Streets Batman

26. Tetsuya Nomura batman

Tetsuya Nomura batman

27. The Batman by Anthony Jones

The Batman by Anthony Jones

28. Titanium Batman

Titanium Batman

29. Vampire Batman

Vampire Batman

30. Viking Batman

Viking Batman