These Beautiful & Brave Animals Got Another Chance At Life


The development of technology can bring us some good and bad results, but for disabled animals, this development is very beneficial indeed, especially because the invention of special prosthetics has drastically improved their quality of life. Here is a picture selection of animals that were either born as or became disabled after accidents or illnesses, but who together, got another chance to have a normal and happy life, thanks to the technology of today. So, get inspired with these super brave animal stories, and most of all, enjoy!

#1 Hope

Hope is the name of this brave black dog below who, thanks to this amazing invention, can now play in the grass with his friends. Even though he is disabled, Hope doesn’t act any different to the other dogs.


#2 Motala

This big elephant, whose name is Motala, unfortunately lost his leg after stepping on a land mine near the border of Myanmar ten years ago. But, thanks to his prosthetic leg, he has been given another chance at life.


#3 Edward

Edward is a lovely pug who was unfortunately born without his back leg. However, thanks to his loving owners and the technology of today, he has been given the chance to live a normal and happy life.


#4 Roosevelt

Dogs, unlike us humans, do not seem to care about their conditions that may hold them back. Take this happy dog Roosevelt, for example, who acts just like a regular dog despite his disability.


#5 Boots

This is the beautiful and super-adorable Boots, who was born without her two back legs. This could’ve been tragic for her, but luckily she can walk around the neighbourhood like the other cats, thanks to her prosthetic legs.


#6 Hu

Hu is the big turtle in the picture below, who lost her fins after she was attacked by a shark. But, what could’ve been the end turned out to be a miracle, thanks to the technology that is prosthetics.


#7 Chris

Chris, the adorable little pig in the photograph, almost lost his life after an accident resulted in the loss of his two back legs. But, thanks to the good souls on this planet, he has been given another chance to live an awesome life.


#8 Mia

We usually see cases of dogs using prosthetics on their back legs, but it was different for Mia, who lost her front legs. Clearly, the process is just as successful on the front!


#9 Hoppa

Just like Mia, the young and happy Hoppa also lost his two front legs. But, what could’ve been the end for him ended up with him overcoming obstacles and living like other dogs.


#10 Festus And Cyrus

Festus is a mixture of a pit bull and Rottweiler, and has three legs. Cyrus is a small terrier who was born without his front legs. Both were trained and certified to be two little heroes and bring happiness to the people. They visit patients at hospitals every week.


#11 Riley

Riley is the beautiful horse in the picture below, who unfortunately deteriorated his leg bone after a contaminated metal plate was inserted into it. But, nevertheless, thanks to the world we live in today, he is living a normal and happy life.


#12 Turbo-Roo

This lovely and adorable chihuahua was born without his two front legs, but what could be the end for him has become a chance for this cute little puppy to inspire the world.


#13 Summer

This strong goat in the picture below is called Summer, and almost died after suffering with a serious contamination of worms. But, her owners didn’t give up on her, and instead did their absolute best to give her another chance at life.


#14 Gamera

This tortoise’s name is Gamera, and she almost died after suffering an accident and subsequently losing her front leg. Thankfully, there was a lucky star looking out for Gamera, and she continues to walk like a normal tortoise.