Beautiful French Baby Names That You Never Considered


Picking the perfect baby name is hard enough. You haven’t even met your little nugget yet, the name you choose will be associated with them for the rest of their lives.

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We are particularly in love with these French baby  names as they are unique and very sweet. Hopefully you will find a favorite amongst these!

#1 Elodie


french baby1

This name means “foreign riches” and is currently enjoying a spike in popularity in France and Great Britain.

#2 Cabot

Sometimes the most popular surnames make the most pleasantly surprising first names. Cabot means “sailor’ so this is the perfect name for your little boy.

#3 Coralie

french baby3

This is name evokes precociousness and sweetness. It also means “coral” in French.

#4 Théo

french baby4

This name is pronounced TAY-o because of the French accent. The sound of this name just raised your future child’s cool factor by 100. Théo is a neat alternative to the popular name Theo which is usually short for Theodore.

#5 Landry


french baby5

This name could be unisex which is why we love it. It also means “ruler” which is fitting for your little princess.

#6 Talbot

french baby6

The name Talbot in french means bloodhound. Not the most romantic name, but this name exudes strength and will grow nicely with your child as he gets older.

#7 Josette

french baby6

Josette is the nickname for the French name Josephine. It’s beautiful and feminine like many other French names ending in “ette,” such as Claudette or Paulette.

#8 Sandrine

Sandrine is the french version of the name Alexandra. It could also make a lovely alternative to the name Sandra.

#9 Yvette

french baby8

Yvette is the French variation of the name Yvonne. The “ette” ending gives the name a dainty and romantic feel.

#10 Travers

french baby9

This french baby names from the crossroads and is sure to give your little man a sense of wonder and adventure.

#11 Margaux

french baby10


Margaux is the French spelling of name Margot. We love this name because it’s a seemingly exotic version of the name Margaret.

#12 Kane

french baby11

This name is impossibly cool. In French it means means Field of combat or from the place name Caen.

#13 Fleur

french baby12

We love this name for little girls because it literally means “flower” in French. This would also make a lovely middle name as well.

#14 Neville

french baby13

This name means “from the new village”. We think of Neville Longbottom form Harry Potter who was loyal and loving. Hopefully all characteristics your baby boy will have.

#15 Lisette

french baby27

This dainty off shoot of the name Elizabeth means pledged to God. Alternative spelling of this name is Lizette.

#16 Luc

french baby15

Your baby is destined to be cool with this name. Luc is the hipper version of the more common name Luke and the pronunciation is exactly the same.

#17 Zuri

french baby16

This exotic French name means “white” and “lovely”. What a pure and sweet name for your precious baby.

#18  Forrest

french baby17

Forrest means “from the woods” in French. What a wonderful name to help instill a love of nature for your son.

#19 Fae

french baby18

This name means fairy in French. This ethereal and sweet name also confidence, trust and belief.

#20 Armand

french baby19

Armand is a name that evokes strength since the name means “soldier.” Though a fairly uncommon name, we have a feeling that this one will be rising in popularity soon.

#21 Halette

french baby19

Ok so perhaps the meaning of this name is “little hal” which is not very exotic, but we think the “ette” ending adds a sweet feminine touch to the mascualine name of Hal.


#22 Beau

french baby20

This name means handsome in French and there is no doubt in your mind that your little one will be a stunner.  This playful name ranked #228 on the list of the most popular baby names for boys in the U.S.

#23 Bale

french baby21

This cool name means royal. A perfect fit for your little prince.

  #24 Corbin

french baby22

If you suspect your baby may have black hair, this is the name for you. In French, Corbin means “raven haired”. We love this mysterious name.

#25 Ila

french baby23

In French, Ila means “from the islands”. This is the perfect name for your sweet girl as it is both exotic and sophisticated at the same time.