These Beautiful Marriage Proposals Will Completely Brighten Your Day


Our wedding is the most magic moment of our lives, but just before this big event of our life, we have to go through another special and emotional moment. Yep, you guessed it – it’s the moment we propose, or are proposed to by our significant other. This is when our future with someone is sealed forever. While some couples prefer to do this in a simple and traditional way, other creative couples like to create unforgettable proposal moments. We have made a special selection of 18 awesome couples who took this moment to a whole new level. These beautiful wedding proposals will brighten your day, so just hold your tears back, and enjoy!

#1 Trolltunga, Norway

Trolltunga is one of the most spectacular scenic cliffs in Norway, with an amazing view and perfect for those who love adventure. This guy below wanted to surprise his girlfriend during their vacation, and contracted a professional photographer without her knowing, so that he could propose to her at this very spot. What a beautiful story and scenario.


#2 Ice Skating

This happy couple were having a great time ice skating when the romantic boyfriend decided to get down on one knee and propose, in the middle of this winter wonderland. What a wonderful scene.


#3 The Little Big Surprise

We all know that Kinder eggs hide little surprises inside, right? That’s why this creative guy below decided to come up with a very romantic and personal surprise – a ring, and a unique proposal strategy. Very creative!


#4 With A Little Help From My Friends

And how about this guy who asked for his dog’s help to propose to his girlfriend?! He hung this awesome sign from his neck, and the family continued their dinner. Suddenly, the dog walked back into the room and made everyone cry with tears of joy. What an awesome idea!


#5 The Perfect Plan

This romantic dude below thought of everything to make his proposal very special. He hung fairy lights everywhere and invited his girlfriend there to get down on one knee and pop the question. We’re guessing she said yes…

AwesomeProposal5 AwesomeProposal5-2

#6 On The Edge

The Potato Chip Rock is located at the peak of Mount Woodson in Poway, California, and served as the location for this guy’s stunning proposal. What would happen if she fainted from shock?! No wedding for you…


#7 The Perfect Scenario

When a man loves a woman, anything is possible. Just look at what this guy set up in order to propose to his girlfriend. He decorated the entire garden full of beautiful things and took her completely by surprise. Amazing!

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#8 Stunning Scenario

This couple love adventure, and decided to take a trip into this underground cave together. But, what she didn’t expect is for her loving boyfriend to get down on one knee and propose to her. Perfect!


#9 Written In The Sand

This artist specializes in drawings in the sand, and decided to create this beautiful drawing, in which he’d propose to his girlfriend. What do you think, ladies? Would you be impressed?! We can guess the answer, and it’s pretty clear she said yes.


#10 Warm Heart

The weather here is not the most pleasant in the world, but after this gorgeous proposal, it’s pretty clear that they completely forgot about the cold around them. They have other things on their mind, after all!


#11 Splash!

He chose the perfect time and place to propose to his girlfriend, and even prepared for the huge wave afterwards. After all, the location is known for its big waves, and he knew this all too well. What would you ladies make of this proposal?!

AwesomeProposal13 AwesomeProposal13-2 AwesomeProposal13-3

#12 The Dolphin Cupid

This couple were enjoying a vacation on the coast, and decided that swimming with dolphins was an activity they wanted to participate in. That’s precisely when this man decided that perhaps it was the perfect moment to propose…


#13 Love, Love, Love

Some people claim that being single is so much better, but the fact is, having someone to love and someone who loves you back is so much better. How can you experience wonderful moments like this one below otherwise?!


#14 The Movie

This creative fella had the amazing idea to re-create a scene of his girlfriend’s favorite movie, “Pride & Prejudice”, without her knowing anything about it beforehand. Just look at her facial expression when she got home and faced the surprise!


#15 Smile!

This guy prepared a big surprise to propose to his girlfriend. He plotted with his friends to hold these signs up during a ride at a theme park, and waited for her reaction when she saw the picture on the screen afterwards. We love this one.


#16 On Top Of The World

It was just another afternoon for this couple, spent exploring some stunning locations and climbing some mountains, when suddenly, this guy decided to break the routine and propose to his much-loved girlfriend.


#17 The Art

Here’s another artist in love who knows exactly how to surprise a girl with a touch of beautiful art. It’s a great way to demonstrate love, and it looks absolutely fantastic.


#18 Excuse Me, Honey

This poor little dog was used in this funny plan to propose to his owner’s girlfriend. Of course, she laughed when she saw this hilarious face, but do you think she said yes?!