Beautiful Minimalist Fashion That Are Just Inspirational


Although it’s fun to dress up ala-Blair Waldorf, sometimes it’s nice to keep things simple and elegant.  Better yet, adapting minimalist fashion helps you take the stress out of deciding on an outfit.

#1 Black on Black

This simple and beautiful black top and black skirt match-up just creates strong, clean lines.  Its textures also lends to its unique structure.

Black on Black

#2 White Cover

This white dress may seem shapeless, but it manages to be both structured and flowy.  Definitely well-constructed enough for all body types.

White Cover

#3 Modestly Sexy

Although almost covered up, this modest top and skirt is really sexy with its close-to-the-body shape and hint of skin at the waistline.

Modestly Sexy

#4 White Winter

When winter season comes, everyone will be dying to look like this ice queen’s white on white on white ensemble.

White Winter

#5 Beige Shapeliness

This awesomely shaped coat is both minimal but quirky!  Check out those lapels.

Beige Shapeliness

#6 Hint of Transparency

What makes this minimalist look stand out, beyond the heavenly structure and fabrication, is the peep of transparency just at the bottom.

Hint of Transparency

#7 Princess Minimalist

If you can’t take away that little flair in you, then this off white creation is just for you!

Princess Minimalist

#8 In Hiding Coat

You will look far from silly with this lovely grey coat!  Definitely will protect you from the elements.

In Hiding Coat

#9 A Suit Alternative

If we could wear these luxurious fabrics in these cuts to the office, we would all be happy campers.

A Rif on the Suit

#10 The Simple Shirt Dress

You can never go wrong with a white button down shirt dress!  If you want a little bit more pop, do as the model did by incorporating red in her shoes, lipstick, even nail polish!

The Simple Shirt Dress

#11 Summer Soiree

If it’s too hot and it’s summer time, you can still go the minimalist route with this light and breezy top and shorts.

Summer Soiree

#12 Architectural Geometry

This grey dress is what we’ll definitely pick out if we’re feeling a bit more avant garde.

Architectural Geometry

#13 Toned-Down Kilt

To show a little quirk, why not try this out?  Don’t worry, it’s still very minimalist but with a twist.

Toned-Down Kilt

#14 One-Shouldered Goddess

If you want to dress like a minimalist but still create an impact, try this effortless one-shouldered goddess dress.

One-Shouldered Goddess

#15 Streamlined Wedding Dress

If you also prefer to be a minimalist during your wedding, check out this very pretty and chic wedding dress.

Streamlined Wedding Dress